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Friday, 27 August 2010

Pepper (California Wonder)

I love growing from seed rather than buying plants in shops. This year I'm growing peppers for the first time. Sown in May/June indoors in a conservatory/glass house, they turned out quite easy to germinate & grow! The plants have small peppers aleady; I'm hoping for a good harvest before it gets too cold. (Not sure if i was supposed to pinch off growing shoots like tomatoes???)

Photo taken 10 Aug 2010.

Variety: Pepper California Wonder by Thompson & Morgan, 30 seeds, £1.50 per pack.

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  1. Your peppers look healthy and I see blooms! I like the little container they are in---so cute. It will soon be time to put out the winter garden in Florida--planting time is Sept. Maybe I will try peppers from seeds, too.