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Monday, 23 August 2010

Spring Onion (Chives)

These Spring Onions are perrenial (come up evey year). I use them for colour and to deter pests from other plants.... love the flower heads (which can be eaten). I grew Spring Onion White Lisbon for eating (they are delicious) and planted them in the ground and in containers. They grow better and faster in containers (probably as my ground isn't the most fertile).       

This photo was taken in June. Pictured left of the spring onion are sunflowers and left again, potatoes - all grown a bit too close together but I still got results. (see 11 August blog for how much the sunflowers grew in 2 months).              

Edible: Spring Onion flowers are edible (just check they don't taste bitter).

Click on the photo to enlage it!

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  1. We received so many spring onion seedlings from a friend, and my cousin interplanted those seedlings around growing sunflower because we did not have space elsewhere. I was kind of worried that it won't be growing well. But now I look at your pictures I feel happy and relax about our spring onions. Thank you for linking. Every plant look so green and healthy!