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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Blackberries (thornless)

I have a fear of eating blackberries...

Several months ago I read an article I can't get out of my mind.... a lady was saying she had maggots (I can hardly say the word) in her berries so she soaks them overnight in water and the worms drown and fall to the bottom. I went out to pick blackberries yesterday with this in mind and, while picking, I noticed various flies enjoying my blackberries. So... I seem to now have a blackberry phobia. Picked some anyway and soaked them in water, but nothing, not a worm in site. I still haven't eaten them.

Variety: Thornless Blackberry (type unknown). Bought through mail order catalogue.


  1. Those berries look healthy and scrumptous to me! Maybe the lady had left them out after they were picked and flies got into them. I have eaten many blackberry cobblers in Kentucky made by Mammaw and never have seen a worm in them! Be brave!

  2. Here in the US, we have a product that we buy at the market to wash our fruits and veggies. Here is a web site that has a recipe for a similar wash. Hope it works for you.