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Friday, 3 September 2010

Edible Flowers

I've set up a new blog page called 'Edible Flowers'. I'll be adding to it over the months with ideas on how edible flowers can be used.

In Northern Ireland, it's the year of the cupcake craze! Corporate functions are serving tea/coffee and cupcakes. Even weddings are going down the cupcake route.

I don't think the flowers on this cupcake are edible? However they look great. (Wouldn't fancy bitting into one...)


  1. The cupcake looks delicious. But I don't think I would eat those flowers either! It will be fun to learn which flowers are edible. I'm thinking Pavlova with edible flowers!!! This cupcake was pretty!

  2. Those cupcakes look inviting though may pass on the decorative flowers. I have tried a few flowers recently and they were lets say an aquired taste - quite peppery in fact. I'm enjoying your blog by way, very creative.