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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Apple & Blackberry Pie

My neighbour, Mr Farmer, gave me a bushel of cooking apples! And over the weekend I faced my blackberry phobia and made apple and blackberry pie. I have to admit my pie wouldn't win a beauty contest but it sure does taste good!

I soaked the blackberries overnight to see if any unidentified creatures (worms, maggots, etc) would appear... there was nothing. (See 21 Sept blackberry blog for an explanation).

Variety: Brambly Cooking Apple.
Variety: Thornless Blackberry 'Rubus' Evergreen.
Recipe from 'Better Homes & Gardens New Cook Book' 1973 (family heirloom).
However there are recipes on the internet.


  1. That pie looked delicious! I have never eaten a blackberry/apple pie and I bet the flavor was outstanding!

  2. Kelli; was the bloke that gave you the apples really called "Mr Farmer", or did you just make that up??

  3. I want a piece of blackberry/apple pie!

  4. Hi Mark, you caught me out. Mr Farmer... is a pseudo name. Wouldn't want him inundated with requests for his cooking apples lol!

  5. I hope you gave "Mr Farmer" a slice of the pie... which, by the way, looks as if it would have gone well with a big dollop of unpasteurised clotted cream. (I'm Cornish you know!)

  6. The pie is perfect. I live by my '73 Better Homes and Garden Cookbook. I think I got it through a book club all those years ago. It is my standard. Pie will be yummy. ann