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Monday, 8 November 2010

Apple Chocolate Crumble

I'm a chocoholic! It runs in the family. This week I was aimlessly staring at Mr Farmer's cooking apples... thinking of how I could make them taste more like chocolate! I remembered a recipe I'd seen in the Autumn 2010 'Tesco Real Food' magazine for Blackberry and Apple Crumble and decided to use the recipe as a starting point for 'Chocolate Apple Crumble'. I don't exactly follow recipes... so here's the results...
I mixed together 2 tbsp flour, 2 tbsp brown sugar and 2 tbsp cinnamon (I like cinnamon so I added alot) and then coated 750g of cooking apples, before putting them into an ovenproof bowl. I then added about 70g of dark chocolate pieces, pushing them in between the apples.
 For the crumble topping, I mixed 75g of brown sugar, 4 tbsp flour, 2 tsp cinnamon, and worked the mix into 75g of butter; I added a handful of pecans.
Above - this is what it looked like after 45 min baked at 180C (350F). It looks like treacle - yum!
Served with the world's best ice cream, Northern Irish 'Pooh Bear' by Maud's (aka Poor Bear). It doesn't look very pretty (I'm trying to improve my food presentation skills!). The chocolate definitely made the apples a little more interesting. I love super rich desserts!

This is what the picture in the magazine looked like lol. I have to admit, I forgot to add the oats in my crumble topping; the recipe called for 50g. Wow, total different look than mine; I put chocolate in mine instead of blackberries - a chocoholic must!


  1. Sounds GOOD! I am like you with recipes: I think they should seen as a guide, not something to be followed slavishly. Except in some specific cases (e.g. when making cakes) the proportions of the ingrediants can usually be adjusted to suit your preferences (e.g. add even more chocolate...) I wish we still had some apples left.

  2. Kelli,
    What a genuis idea. I have some windfall apples and this recipe is calling my name.

    I too often adapt recipes and add spices to suit my tastebuds, but sometimes I have to follow recipes, especially when it involves baking.

  3. This looks and sound great! Much more creative than just Blackberry/Apple crumble. And then adding Pooh Bear (Poor Bear) ice cream! It couldn't get better than that. I give it 5 stars.

  4. Great idea for the dessert. Covers two important food groups: fruit and chocolate! I'd try it, but I can't convert metrics to our measurements--well, on second thought, I am sure I could find a conversion chart on the internet. I may just have to try your recipe. cheers. ann