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Sunday, 19 December 2010

Christmas Poinsettia & Let it SnoW

When people shop for turkeys, crackers and presents, they tend to pick up a poinsettia... at least I do. I love poinsettias and I always have one this time of year. It looks good for months. I've never planted it outside as I think they need a warm climate (native of Mexico?).

Pictured left, you may notice snow in the background. This photo was taken during our 'big snow' lasting 12 days! (28 Nov to 9 Dec). 12 days of snow is rare for Northern Ireland. Now we're at the beginning of our 2nd big snow this year, and more to come!

I think these make great little Christmas stocking stuffers (except they wouldn't fit in a stocking).
Above, these poinsettias seem to have a hint of yellow, quite nice. Recently I came across an American blog in Ohio that had dozens of poinsettia photos taken at a poinsettia show. If you want to have a look at this really lovely blog go to

Snow on the homefront... pictured above heather covered in snow. Headlines in the local paper,  Northern Ireland get the worst snowfall for 25 years costing the local retail economy £10m this weekend, 700 schools closed, and the Met Office has issued an emergency flash warning for heavy snow for counties Antrim, Down and Londonderry. The Big Freeze hits again!
Great for making snow cones & snow angels.
Six days to Christmas!


  1. Hi Kelli; You have my sympathy! My trip to Edinburgh is not going to happen -- Heathrow still pretty much closed, and my flight cancelled. I'll just have to follow your advice and stay in, cook something and drink hot chocolate. Sounds OK actually...

  2. The snow sounds bad in Northern Ireland. We've only had a sprinkle here this time, but it's so cold that it's not melting.

  3. Your kitty doesn't seem to mind the snow! It is very pretty and Christmasy.

  4. How cute your cat, i think he guard your beautiful flower.

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