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Thursday, 2 December 2010

Cinnamon Rolls for cold days

The big freeze - it's cold outside. Northern Ireland's coldest November in a very long time. It was -9.5C (14.9F) this week. Scotland is getting it worse, as low as -20C (-4F). This is't normal for us this time of year.

What to do in bad weather... bake, eat, and store fat for the Winter! I made cinnamon rolls over the weekend from a recipe in the Irish Times. I'd never made them from scratch before and I was suprised how easy it is. Mostly flour, sugar and butter!
This is the dough after it was left to rise for 45 minutes. There are plenty of recipes for cinnamon rolls on the internet. This one called for 14g of yeast. It's so much fun seeing bread rise. This big ball of dough was divided in two and rolled out into two rectangles, spread with a buttery sugar mix & raisons, rolled, sliced and then put in round pans to bake for approx 35 minutes. (no chocolate this time)
This is the result. I think they taste as good as the Cinnabon chain!

On a cold, Wintry day, these are a great way to cuddle up to a coffee and a good book.


  1. Droool! I will have to show these to the cook!

  2. Oh, they look delicious. Making me hungry now.

  3. Yummmmmmmm! They look so good! I tried making yeast rolls for Thanksgiving and the yeast was old (always check dates) so they did not rise at all! I threw them away at the last minute and made plain biscuits (calledvscones there), but I was hungry for that delicious yeasty taste!

  4. Wow! That dough certainly has risen... I love cinnamon things too. But where's the chocolate, Kelli?

  5. I've always wanted to try making these, but with a daughter who doesn't like cinnamon...I know, the parents will just have to eat them all!