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Monday, 6 December 2010

St Johns Wort & more Snow

Still snowing... no new snow over the weekend but a bit of a blizzard today with slushy snow and freezing weather tonight (not a good combination).

I had a trip to Parliament Buildings, Stormont a few days ago (where our NI government meet); a florist was bringing in the Christmas flower arrangements and I spotted Hypericum St Johns Wort berries in the arrangements so I thought I'd take a few photos.

The Hypericum berries look fab in festive arrangements. The florist mixed a range of  flowers and greenery such as pine and rosemary - it smelled fab! Don't you just love the big red exotic flower (anthurium?).

I've been told St Johns Wort is like a weed as it self seeds easily in the garden. The photo (left) was taken on 6 Nov 2010 and, right on 11 Aug 2010. This plant appeared in my garden this year and has grown quite rapidly.

This is what it looks like outside right now...
Frozen climbing hydrangea plant.
Brrrrr, it's cold!


  1. Hi Kelli, you are definitely having worse weather than we are.I love seeing Christmas arrangement especially the big expensive ones like the ones you saw or in hotel receptions.

  2. You new post is very colorful and beautiful. Love the florals and love the snowy garden!

  3. Great Christmassy post...fabulous red and green flower arrangements and snow!

  4. The flower arrangement is very Christmassy. Our snow is still hanging around, though we haven't had any fresh snow since last week.

  5. In our local greengrocer's shop this week they have on sale christmas wreaths made mostly from fruit and veg! Small tomatoes, berries, kumquats etc. They look very attractive, though whether they will last until Christmas I somehow doubt.

  6. Red and green and snow! How lovely! Here in Maine we are still waiting for a true snowstorm. We've only had a bit of crunch underfoot on two occasions. Thanks for sharing yours!