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Monday, 14 February 2011

Garden Reds

February is my blog's 6-month anniversary! To date I've had almost 4k blog hits. Blogging has been a good way to learn from others, meet knew friends, and keep a record of my progress over time. Another plus, less bits of paper scattered about (and hopefully the blog can't be lost?). To mark the day, here are some photos of the year themed "garden reds" (with a bit of purple)...
Do these count as 'red-ish'? Lupin grown from seed. June 2010.
Peppers 'California Wonder'. Seeds by Thompson & Morgan. Aug 2010.
Thornless blackberry. Sept 2010.
Sedum Autumn Joy. Sept 2010.
Photo taken at my local garden centre. Oct 2010.
Self fertilising apple tree. Oct 2010.
Impressive dogwood stems. (£6.99 at B&Q). Oct 2010.
Cotoneaster shrub / berries. Nov 2010.
My favourite red - an original 'Bowl of Cherries' painting by Egretta Wells.

Thanks fellow bloggers for your visits... I enjoy your words of wisdom, encouragement & humour.


  1. Blogging is a great way to pick up tips, as well as making lots of new friends along the way. I find that the blogging community are so generous with their advice and friendship too. I love the bowl of cherries painting.

  2. Congrats on the anniversary! I, too, think blogging is a great way to journal the garden without all the paper. And meeting other gardeners is the icing on the cake.

    I have a cotoneaster plant, but no berries. Do you need two? Or a certain age? Or a certain kind? Just wondering....

    Beautiful photos, by the way.

  3. Great post Kelli! How nice to see all those vibrant rich colours reminding us of Summer despite the dismal February weather.

    Congratulations on the fine work you have done on your blog these last 6 months. I suppose it must be coming up to my "6-monthly-versary" too, since I believe I started at about the same time as you. You were one of the first bloggers I ever corresponded with. It's great that we are still in touch.
    BTW, do you have that painting of the cherries in your house, or does Egretta still have it?

  4. Kelli, I have really enjoyed your blog the past 6 months. It is always interesting and your photography is nice. Keep up the good work. And thanks for posting my cherries painting. I do still have it, Mark...see Aug. 27, 2010 post at

  5. Congratulations! What a beautiful blog with a gorgeous background. I love red twig dogwood and what is the rose?

  6. Hi Kelli,
    What have you made a beautiful red post.
    All shades of red, very nice!
    Kind regards, Elly

  7. Hi Masha, I believe the rose is Rose Hybrid Tea Ingrid Bergman. That seems to be how I've tagged it.

    Hi Holley, I'm not too sure about cotoneaster berries. I don't think two plants are needed as I have one large one in the garden that gets berries. I think the one I have is Cotoneaster Horizontailis.

    Hi Mark, happy 6 months! Think you're right, we were both August blogger babies.

  8. Blackberries! Yum! And congrats ! :)
    My hubby is looking on with interest, he being from your part of the world but now living on the other side of the world :) I'm looking fwd to seeing giants causeway again later this year.