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Thursday, 3 February 2011

Winter edibles - chard, leek, taters, rocket

Its been cold this week and frost expected tonight. I spent a day out in the garden last weekend and ended up with a nasty cold - maybe a sign that it's not quite time to get out there yet. I don't have alot happening in the garden at the minute (most things are sleeping) however I've a few edibles...
Above/below: Bright Lights Chard is making its 2nd show like the pack promised, "Plants usually die back through winter, but will 'come again' the following spring to produce a further early crop, before running to see."(Mr Fothergill seed pack, £2.29, 150 seeds). So here's my second crop coming up; plants look a bit dirty from all the wind we've had lately. I think they'll come around over the next week or so.
Above: This plant looks a little sad but I don't blame it after the Winter we've had. (Bright Lights).

I've still leeks scattered around the garden just calling out to be cooked. Last weekend I made potato and leek soup but I wasn’t too happy with it (texture and taste wasn't quite right). Gonna give it another go this weekend. I’ve still potatoes stored in the garage that I over wintered. Right: Frosty leek. Variety: Leek Musselburgh, Carters Tested Seeds, 350 seeds, 70 pence per pack.
Above/below: My very favourite edible item at the minute is Rocket. (Love it!). I didn't have much luck over the summer as my rocket bolted very quickly. I've been growing it over winter on the kitchen windowsill and sowing new seed every few weeks. I like to put a handful on top of chili or spaghetti and it adds a beautiful flavour.
Above: windowsill baby rocket. (good on pizza too!)

On a final note, thanks for all your comments on my blog. I really enjoy visiting your blogs as well. It's great that we share thoughts and ideas across Australia, UK, Japan, USA, etc. Happy blogging everyone.


  1. Love the different lettuces. I do hope your cold gets better quickly!

  2. Wonderful. I noticed our chard starting to perk up this week too - first time we've grown it, I didn't think it would crop again after the frosts took it, so it's a lovely bonus. We used up our potatoes long long ago, but still have leeks too, and a few small cabbages standing. Wish I'd thought to sow some rocket indoors, I love it. May hunt down my seeds and try a few sowings now ...
    Sara x

  3. Get Well, Kellie. I love the resilience of plants. I have just planted some baby rainbow chard in the garden and yesterday, when I was weeding, I noticed some self seeded ones. I reckon you can never have too muck green leafy stuff...If I don't eat it, the chooks will and then there is the compost.

  4. We have brown. Brown grass, brown soil, brown trees, brown bits of dirty snow. No leeks here. I would imagine that your leek and potato soup were really quite good, but I like the idea of another batch. cheers. ann

  5. You have some pretty edibles Kelli! Nice to see what's growing in Ireland!! =0)

  6. It's good to be still getting a harvest at this time of year. Hope your feeling better now, there's lots of bugs going round, my daughter is off school at the moment with a bad cold and sore throat.

  7. You've done well to have produced a harvest in spite of all that the weather has thrown at you recently. They often say that a hard winter presages a warm summer, so here's hoping...

  8. So many great crops! that rocket seems really tasty. I have some seedlings waiting to get to the big pot, hope they get as good as yours