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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day

I came across a blog about a Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day taking place today 15th March and decided to join in. I believe Bloom Day was started by an Indiana blogger. Here's what's blooming in my garden...
Above: Some crocus are still making a show (others are dying down).
Primrose are blooming happily.
Muscari coming up in a tiny one-inch crack between the back wall of the house and the paving that goes around the house. Not sure how the bulbs got there.
Lesser Celandine is starting to bloom. It's a bit invasive so many think of it as a weed but I prefer to think of it as a lovely wildflower that needs controlled. (Thanks to fellow bloggers for helping identify this plant.)
The azalea is blooming again (well a few blooms). This plant suffered some neglect over the December holidays. I've repotted it and recently gave it a tonic so fingers crossed it will be a top bloomer again this year.
The 'mini tulps' are still going strong; they perked up again after the Saturday snow.


  1. Such beauties. Still patiently waiting for blooms here. Still brown. I love the azelea.

  2. I love your primrose! I haven't had the courage to try them in my garden. And your azaleas are already blooming! Everyone - and I mean everyone - here grows azaleas. There's even an Azalea Festival. Can I? No. After many year and many tries, I finally gave up. Yours is beautiful.

  3. Add me to the list of "no blooms yet" so it is awesome to see what you have going on. Love the primrose as well!

  4. Lovely flowers! It's so interesting to see that what's blooming in Ireland is very similar to what's blooming in Virginia. Well, I can't seem to get primroses to live here. Makes the world a lot smaller! THanks for sharing.

  5. Primroses are one of my favourite flowers. I also have them blooming in my garden, though they're a little battered by all the wind and rain.

  6. How nice that you have primroses blooming in your garden. I only ever see them in the shops here. Great first post for Bloom Day! Can't wait to see what is blooming next month.

  7. Love your pretty blooms! None of these do well here in Florida, although you can buy them in pots in the shops and they last a few weeks in the pot. This is a good post for the first Bloom Day!