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Friday, 15 April 2011

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day

It's Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - the 15th of every month.

Here's what's blooming...

Left: Large yellow Tulips have replaced the mini red tulips that flowered last month.

Below (L): Muscari is still coming up between paving blocks around the house.

Below (R): Honesty has self seeded. The slugs seem to like it too.

Click on photos to enlarge.

Bergenia is making a show. It also houses half my snail population.
The azalea are starting to bloom. They had some frost damage this year; one plant was badly affected.
One of Pieris Forest Flame shrubs is blooming. The other two are in their red leaf/foliage stage.
I'm assuming the above is a Japanese cherry tree planted well over 10 yrs ago.
There are four Native Cherry trees in the garden planted about 8 years ago.


  1. Great to have a tour in your Northern Ireland garden, through Carol's initiative.

  2. Your Cherry Blossoms are simply gorgeous!

  3. I love the cherry blooms also. Wonderful. Happy Bloom Day to you. The start of your season is just lovely.

  4. Cool to see like blooms from other continents.

  5. Kelli, that is a very ARTISTIC collection of photos - and a great collection of plants too of course. In my opinion it is hard to beat the Cherry blossoms for sheer beauty.

  6. All those blooms are really beautiful! I like the heart shape with the yellow tulips in it....very clever. The azalea is one of my favorites and I love the pink and the white cherry blossoms. Are those ornamental cherries or do they produce fruit?

  7. Hi, Kelli and Happy Bloom Day!
    You live in my most favorite spot in the world. :) I have visited the Galway area many times. Risked my life biking that area (man, you guys are crazy drivers :)) Hiked the cliffs many times and brought my daughter back there just recently to do the same thing. Your blossoms are very pretty and I love the photoshop treatment of that heart. :)) I look forward to following your posts.

  8. love the cherry blossom ours has only started to bloom today

  9. Hi Egretta, the native/wild cherry trees do produce edible cherries but they're small and bitter (not really known for human consumption). The birds get to them very quickly in summer. The japanese cherry (pink) is ornamental.

    Hi Kate, Thanks for visiting my blog. Sounds like you enjoy Ireland, its a beautiful country.

    Thanks to new visitors for stopping by, hope you'll come back again! P.S. Thanks for the photo compliment Mark!

  10. Love those cherry pretty!!! still waiting for blooms here.....xoxo, tracie

  11. 15 April: USA: Pay our taxes. I prefer Bloom Day. Thank you. The flowers are beautiful.

  12. Very pretty blooms. Gorgeous cherry blossoms.