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Saturday, 9 April 2011

Snail Retreat & Cordyline

I came across a luxury snail retreat in the garden, looked a bit of an 'all inclusive'. I have a feeling there's alot more where these came from.

The snail holiday home was around my bergenia plants which had alot of dead leaves around them. Due to over crowding I'm afraid the snails have been vacated.
What a coincidence! I posted about my 'winter damaged Cordyline' on Thurs (thanks to bloggers who commented)... and on Friday I was at Belfast Botanic Garden doing a walk through, and they had just cut their own damaged Cordyline (pictured) so this gives me a bit of a baseline. I won't be cutting mine until 1st June as I can still get frost through the end of May. Also coincidence, Gardener's World (UK) had the Cordyline on this weekend!
Daffodils and muscari are currently putting on a good show, bringing cheery colour to the borders.


  1. Hi Kelli,
    I think snails are cuter than slugs. I haven't got any snails in my gardens. Just slugs. Rotten, nasty, fat slugs. Your daffodils and muscari are looking very cheerful!

  2. Those snails are quite pretty...could you sell them to a snail circus? Glad you found out about cutting the palms back and love your dafs and muscari. Very pretty.

  3. Those snails to look attractive...but a snail is a snail! Kill, kill, kill, kill.... The snails in my garden are no where as pretty and much much bigger!

  4. I have never seen such garden snails. We have slugs--snails without shells? My daughter at one time called them "cute." Not. Your daffodils are pretty. Ours just beginning to bloom. good luck on the Palm. cheers. ann

  5. Its that really snail? It is so colourful.

  6. Beautiful large snails, but they are also edible ????????
    hi, hi, hi, lovely French delicacies
    Beautiful pictures of beautiful flowers always
    A sweet greetings from Elly.

  7. Those are very exotic looking snails!Flowers look gorgeous, Muscari must be the correct name for what I call grape Hyacinths?!

  8. Glad you found an expert on the cordyline. That's must be a relief to know exactly what to do. Those snails are amazing! I've never seen anything like that. We don't have snails here - just other varmits!

  9. Thanks for your comments. I never realised that my garden snails were a bit different? Most of the snails I find are quite pretty with yellow striped shells. Some are brown or grey. Intresting.

    Elly, I'd say they're not edible? But who knows, I wouldn't fancy it though.

  10. I would like to invite you to join the Earth Day Reading Project by The Sage Butterfly. More info here:
    Just let me know yes or no so I can link to your blog. I would like to publish my post by the end of this weekend. I look forward to seeing your reading list!