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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Rose Week 1 of 2

Aren't roses gorgeous!!

Every July Lady Dixon Park, Belfast celebrates Rose Week with a week of free entertainment and activities.

Here are some of the photos I took.
The park contains over 45,000 blooms (who counts!?!), roses from around the world, and trial / display beds throughout. There's even a Princess Diana memorial garden.

Can you manage deadheading all these plants!?!

Tomorrow's post will show some varieties of the eye catching roses (up close) originating from Northern Ireland, England and USA.


  1. Bedazzled. Mmmm...I would like to stop and smell each fragrance.

  2. Such a gorgeous place (and I have been there, too, in the past). I am so happy when I get 6 or 8 blooms--how do they do it? I think your weather is just perfect for roses, for one thing! Beautiful post!

  3. Sounds like a most impressive collection. The beds are a bit formal for my liking though. OK in a park, but wouldn't be appropriate in a domestic garden. I'm not much good at growing Roses, they always seem so vulnerable to disease. Mine get Black Spot at the slightest excuse!

  4. Gorgeous! I would love to walk around and smell each one!

  5. No, I can't imagine deadheading all those roses! I did mine today, and I only have about 15!

  6. I love roses. This year they were especially hard to buy. Jackson and Perkins, the premier rose wholesaler in the US is in bankruptcy, so their roses were unavailable. I bought two off brands. One is struggling, probably dying and the other is finally showing new growth. My favorites are David Austins, also hard to buy here. What a great celebration, a celebration of roses.

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