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Sunday, 14 August 2011

Blogger's Bloom Day

The 15th of every month is Blogger's Bloom Day... here's a snapshot of the colour around the garden.

Left and belowAmaranthus 'Pony Tails', Thompson & Morgan Seeds, 1000 seeds. Sowed 10 April 2011 indoor. Planted outside June 2011.

Above L-R: Pink phlox, Nicotiana (white plants) grown from seed, Crocosmia (orange), Linaria (pink) grown from seed.
 Above: Phlox and Crocosmia. Below: phlox (one of my favourite plants).
Above: Shrub rose.
AboveLupin 'Russell Mix' grown from seed last year - 1st year flowering.
 Above: Day lily after a rain shower.
Sunflower called 'Teddy Bear' - almost in flower.

Happy Blogger's Bloom Day! 
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  1. Wow Kelli! You sure have a lot of flowers! They're all sooo purty!! I love the amaranthus! Gorgeous!

  2. Beautiful red Amaranthus flower!You have pretty colection of flowers!

  3. Your garden is just so amazing. Even more amazing is that we grow the same plant material. I noticed that when I was in England and Ireland, only difference really is that you do it more gracefully and it seems effortlessly. Here we want the beautiful cottage garden, but it is just too bloody hot and dry, so we have to work a bit harder. I planted Crocosmia late last year and it has done so well. It is one of my new favorites. AND you start your own seeds. You save so much money by doing so. So do you start them in the house during the winter or outside in pots? Oh, have you found a way to serve your cucumbers? Beautiful garden, Kelly.

  4. A great show, Kelli. Before you know it you'll be opening the garden to visitors!
    How are the veggies faring?

  5. Hii Holly / Malar, I love the amaranthus too and quite easy to grow. I start them indoor and move them outside in June.

    Hi Ann, I start most of my seeds (flowers and veg) in March/April on windowsills and in a glass house/sun room. I have all my sowing dates on the '2011 Seed List' page - tab towards top of blog. By May the whole house is coming down with seedlings; they all get planted out eventually (late May to early July).

    Hi Mark, i've a veg update planned for Thurs. Mixed reviews!

  6. You always have the most beautiful collection of cottage flower blooms in your garden.

  7. Love your roses and the crocosmia! Beautiful showing for August.
    Happy GBBD :)

  8. Your garden is looking so lovely. Love the buttery yellow Daylily and those Phlox. I enjoyed visiting for your GBBD post.

  9. Lovely displays Kelli. We could have done with more rain as our plants are much smaller this year.

  10. That's a very lovely Hemerocallis, do you know its name? It is such a good yellow, not all are. Christina

  11. Your cottage garden is simply beautiful, Kelli! You have so many blooms right now....I especially love the phlox and the pony tails. A lovely post!

  12. Hi Kelli, your roses are so beautiful! I love that you started so many of your gorgeous blooms from seed. Are you doing any seed saving as well? Great GBBD post!

  13. Beautiful flowers...I can't believe you have Lupines blooming in August...that's amazing!