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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Blogger's Bloom Day

It's Bloggers' Bloom Day - 15th of the month. Here's what's on show...
Left: Nicotiana 'Evening Fragance', Carters Tested Seeds. Sown March 2011 indoor. Planted out June. (Quick growing).

L-R: Hollyhock grown from seed last year, flowering this year. I forgot I had sown hollyhock seed so this plant was a surprise.

Malope Excelsior Mixed, Hardy Annual, Carters Tested Seeds. Sown 8 May indoor. Planted out June 2011. (Slowish growing but beautiful flowers)

Tall Phlox and rose.

Morning Glory 'Carnevale di Venezia', Thompson & Morgan seeds. Sown May 2011 indoor. Planted out June 2011. 
 Below: Sedum Autumn Joy.
Above: Verbena, grown from seed.

Antirrhinum (Snapdragon) 'Royal Bride' and 'Intermediate Mixed', Thompson & Morgan Seeds. Sown March 2011. Planted outside May/June 2011.

With Morning Glory growing up the centre tri-pod.

Left and Below:
Amaranthus 'Pony Tails'Thompson & Morgan Seeds. Sown 10 April indoor. Planted outside June/July. (Easy to grow).
Arthur Bell Rose.
Crocosmia - an all time easy & effective plant. Bulbs can be easily divided to make more.
Calendula 'Orange King', Carters Tested Seeds, Sown 18 March 2011 indoor. Planted outside 1st June. (Very easy to grow; edible flowers).
Variety: Sunflower 'Teddy Bear' Suttons seeds. Sown April indoor, planted outside in June in pot.
Sunflower - always a ray of sunshine!

Variety: Sunflower 'Giant Single', Mr Fothergill's seeds, £1.25. Sown 3 April 2011 indoor. Planted outside 1st June 2011.

Happy Blogger's Bloom Day! 
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  1. You've still got lots of colour in your garden as we head in to autumn. I love crocosmia but don't have any in my garden, I really should get some as I think it looks lovely in indoor displays too.

  2. Great shots. I forgot to plant Amaranthus this year (no I did not let any of it go to seed last year - or I wouldn't have to worry about it). I really like those long tails trailing from my whiskey barrels. Must put that on my 'must plant' list for next year.

    When do you get first frost in your locale? We are within days here I think.

  3. I'm having to thin out our crocosmia as they have started to take over! Our verbena bonariensis hade self seeded in various places but last year's winter killed all the plants so next year I guess I'll have to sow some more.

  4. Kelli, your snapdragon flower beds are really prolific! Well done. I really admire how you are starting so many flowers from seed. A true inspiration you are! I hope to do the same next year! Cheers, Jenni

  5. Kelli, you have so many blooms right now and I really love the Sedum, Autumn Joy, especially. I am also partial to hollyhocks, as we had them in Kentucky when I was a girl... I doubt they grow in Florida, but think I will give them a try in my winter garden.

  6. Love your nicotiana and all your purple blooms. But I still am in love with that Teddy Bear sunflower! Just too cute! Happy GBBD!

  7. Hi Kelli, your garden is a riot of colour even with the bad summer!
    I love the bed of snapdragons they really give valur for money, I did not pull up mine last year as the winter came in so fast and they all bloomed again this year.
    The hens have put the kybosh on my crocosimia, they are muchned down to the ground but I am sure they will recover.

  8. Beautiful post...I bet those Nicotiana really do smell amazing at night!

  9. You have some very pretty late summer flowers. And everything looks so healthy! I have not planted amaranthus for several years but seeing your photos, I think I will put it on my list for next year!

  10. I admire anyone who can grow from seed, and your success here is exciting. Lovely!

  11. Oh my gosh. Such beautiful blooms. I just love the amaranth. There is some growing down the street. Your's is so gorgeous. I must plant some next year. Did you plant that from seed too?

  12. Thanks for your comments. I was away last week so I have a ton of deadheading to do at the minute - luckily it didn't show too bad in the photos! Our first frost is usually in October (hope no sooner).

    Ann, i find the amaranthus easy to grow from seed. I grew them years ago when I was just starting out growing from seed and they were a success. Brought them back this year as I always remember them looking a bit exotic.

    Peggy, your comment about the snapdragons is interesting. I grew them last year and left the dead plants over winter. In the spring I was tidying up the bed and I found a few plants that were green and growing so I left two of them to see if they would flower again (and they did and looked fab); I was very surprised, especially with our harsh winter. I added the new plants around them in the snapdragon bed.

  13. I just checked my records re: 1st frost / 1st snow last year:

    1st frost - 20 Oct 2010
    1st snow - 28 Nov 2010

    1st frost post:

    1st snow post:

  14. Beautiful pics and I'm a sucker for that rose. Wish I could figure out how to grow them successfully. Happy I found your blog!

  15. Hi Kelly,

    What have you lots of blooming flowers right now.
    And the rose "Arthur Bell" is a beauty.
    Very beautiful photos. I enjoyed it.
    Greetings, Elly

  16. ... very lovely... I especially like the snapdragons! Larry

  17. I adore hollyhocks and snapdragons. Fell in love with hollyhocks and foxgloves when visiting your land and also France this year. Seeing them wild everywhere, just glorious!

  18. I always look forward seeing your cottage garden in full bloom. You are really talented in growing flowers. I like that hollyhock very much!

  19. You have pretty collection of flowers! It's just so amazing!

  20. Hi kelli, you've got so much colour in your garden. It must have taken a lot of work to achieve that! I'm revisiting colour.....

  21. I see your weather has turned quite chilly, and yet you still have so many pretty annuals in bloom!