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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Veg Update (Celeriac, Parsnip, Carrot, Pak Choi, Cabbage, Leek)

It's the last day of November and no hard frost yet. We had a hard frost last year around 20th Oct.

I've never grown much veg in the Winter but this year I have a few things still growing...

Celeriac update - I'm still waiting for them to get a decent size. Maybe I need to accept they're only going to be golf ball size. I've used a few celeriac leaves in stews.
Every week I pull carrots from the wheelbarrow.
Carrots (Nantes): seed planted in container (wheelbarrow) on 1st Aug.
Parsnip: seed planted container in May.
This pretty little plant is Pak Choi - planted on 1st Aug in the wheelbarrow with the carrots. I've never grown Pak Choi and not sure what to do with it, but I'm pleasantly surprised slugs haven't devoured it.

Cabbage (Golden Acre/Primo III) - this cabbage has been in the ground growing all Summer. I kind of forgot about it. The seed was started indoor in April and planted outside in June.

Wondering.... will it be bitter, or can I still eat it??
Leek (Musselburgh) - seed planted back in April indoor and transplanted outside in June. The leek are growing slooooww. I've only eaten one so far.

Happy Winter Gardening!


  1. I've only ever used Pak Choi shredded in stir fries. I'd have a go at eating the cabbage!

  2. I'm glad it's not just me that has had trouble producing Celeriac of a decent size. Your Cabbage looks OK still; I reckon it will taste all right. If it were "past it" it would have run to seed I think. Your Parsnips look like some sort of alien creatures! (Or an Octopus...)

  3. Hi Kelli, well done on venturing into winter gardening. If I would have had the space, this would have been an excellent year for me to try as well. No frost yet just like you.
    Your carrots look perfect! I bet those parsnips will be delightful in a stew..alien looking or not :) I have never eaten pak choi, but as a teenager I worked on a farm owned by a Chinese gentleman and he grew it and then sold it to many of the popular Asian restaurants in the Pacific Northwest. It was very popular as he grew a lot.

  4. It's still early for Musselburgh (Well I haven't harvested any yet) and your celeriac (banned word in our house) looks a good deal better than mine. Got any kale on the go. You must be pleased with your roots.

  5. We've not had a hard frost yet, either. You're growing a lot more than I am, though. I'm impressed with your harvest - a good variety, and I know you're loving eating fresh veggies!

  6. I cannot believe that you still have greens growing. I posted on one of the blogs that we skipped the frost here in Colorado and went directly to snow. I may have a snow picture for you tomorrow, for we are supposed to get 3-6 inches tonight, starting at midnight. Your carrots really look good.

  7. Well done on extending your harvest season. Your cabbage should be fine since it is not showing any sign of flowering? It look nice crispy. I usually stir fry pak choi or mix it together with fried rice/noodles.

  8. Your celeriac looks so good... I have been trying to get my celery seeds to germinate. I sowed them 10 days ago and I see no result yet. Can you please tell me how long it takes to get them sprouting?

  9. That's good harvest in winter! You can stir fry Pak Choy with garlic and ginger! Soy sauce will add flavour!

  10. Thanks for the tips of Pak Choy, think I will try cooking some over the weekend. I must cook up that cabbage as well!

    A twisted vine, I started my celery and celeriac seed off in a sun room. If I recall, they started growing in a week or two. I looked at my growing diary entry for celery and it says:

    Celery, Plant Hart's Seeds, US$2.29. Seed sown 3 April 2011 indoor (good germination). Planted outside in June in veg box. Slugs don't eat!

  11. We still haven't had a frost here either. Your carrots are looking great, I lifted all mine and they're in the freezer now. My leeks are smaller than your's, I'm hoping that they're going to put on some more growth otherwise I'll be eating baby leeks through the winter.

  12. Your carrots look brilliant and I'm in awe of your Pak Choy.
    Mine Pak Choy never came to anything.
    I'm not sure what went wrong there, so it'll be back to the drawing board I'm afraid.

    Your veggies are very lucky to have such a caring grower....tucking them up at night ;D

  13. Your vegies look wonderful! I've got to try container carrots.
    Surprised you've had no frost yet hopefully this winter will be milder for you than the last couple.

  14. Hi Kelli,I dont think we will be eating our leeks before next April they are so slow growing !