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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Veg Update (leek, celeriac, rhubarb)

Leek 'Musselburgh' and Celeriac 'Monarch'  
It was in the high 50Fs at the weekend and I finally got some jobs done in the garden - mostly weeding (and more weeding), dividing snowdrops and some light tree pruning.

I've been very bad and left celeriac in the ground from May/June last year until now. I've been waiting for it to reach a reasonable size. Something has been nibbling on it so not exactly 'best of show'. I don't think I'll bother with celeriac this year, think I'll stick with celery. Celeriac takes a long time to grow and I find it fiddly to clean and prepare.
Rhubarb is coming up. I always think about forcing but then I end up just leaving it.
Veg abandoned over Winter in the veg box. Spring Onion, Beetroot, and Parsnip I think. Wonder if the beetroot is still edible at this stage? I should have pulled it up but I keep forgetting. Don't think I'll bother growing beetroot this year; not too fussed and I want more room for container carrots.
Parsley 'Plain Leaved 2' - a staple for cooking.
I'm behind on sowing seed but will sow over St Patrick's weekend. 
And St Patrick's day is the day I plant potatoes!


  1. Your rhubarb is very early. Mine is not even showing above ground yet. I'm also giving Celeriac a miss this year - too much effort for too little reward.

  2. Your parsley is just the same size as mine, and as I am cleaning the garden slowly to prepare for a new season, I've harvested quite large amount of it. This year I need to plant more root variety of parsley...

  3. What is celeriac? We will plant our peas on St. Patrick's Day. Do you think that we could plant potatoes too? My daughter says that they are a cool weather planting. We planted our seeds today, hoping for success. e have planted started tomatoes before and been successful, but not here at the new garden. Do you have any secrets for success to share?

  4. I like the idea of growing carrots in containers. I've never tried beetroot or celeriac before. I've been curious about trying celery. Your parsley is looking wonderful! Cheers, Jenni

  5. Our rhubarb is all sprouting too some has quite large leaves now. We have different varieties which are at all different stages. We don't force ours - I prefer the naturally grown sticks that you can use as umbrellas

  6. I'd never eaten beetroot other than the pickled variety until I grew my own. I really like it roasted now. It looks like rhubarb crumble will be on the menu soon.

  7. Your leeks look great Kelli -mine never seem to grow that big! It's a good thing I like baby leeks...

  8. Hi Kelli, we all forget some veg over winter!leeks looking good ,ours are still small and not likely to grow anymore but they are a usable size at least

  9. That's healthy looking parsely!
    Everything look so good! Happy sowing new seeds!