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Friday, 15 June 2012

Blogger's Bloom Day

It's Blogger's Bloom day and I've had my first courgette flower! Hopefully this year my courgettes won't suffer from blossom rot. I've grown two varieties of courgette 'All Green Bush' and  yellow 'Soleil F1'. The plants I put into the ground have suffered from slug and insect attack. I'm hoping my pot grown veg will be good producers this year.

Here's a snapshot of what's in bloom...
Poached Egg Plant / Limnanthes Douglasii, (Hardy Annual) still going strong. 
Above and Below: Wild foxglove self seed in the garden.
Above: A chives border attract bees.
Below: Flowering roses (they don't seem to mind blackspot too much).
Above and Below: Snapdragon that have over wintered and going strong.
Above and Below: Aquilegia with lupin in the background.
Lupin bring a splash of colour in May./June.

Above and below - I can't remember what these two are called?

Happy Blogger's Bloom Day!
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  1. I think the first unknown is Snow in Summer or Cerastium Tomentosum it has grey leaves and is very invasive. The other looks like London Pride or Saxifraga Urbium.

    Are your snapdragons perennial or do they just self seed?

    1. Thanks Sue for the plant identification. The snapdragon are annuals continuing on from last year. I grew them from seed last April, planted them outside last June. They flowered through the Summer to 1st frost (Oct) and never completely died down. I decided to leave them rather than pull them out, and they have come on and flowered. It really amazes me. I have other annuals that didn't die down over Winter - calendula orange king and silverdust.

  2. I always love the poached egg flowers - they are really beautiful. Good to see your courgette flower. Looking forward to reading about their harvest on your blog.

  3. My courgettes are way behind yours, though most of my veg is behind this year due to the weather. I love the poached egg plant, a great one for the bees.

  4. What a lovely show of blooms on Blogger's Bloom Day! Your garden is spectacular! i love the lupins, especially.

  5. You have a particular liking for pink flowers, Kelli, don't you? you always seem to have masses of colour in your garden. I don't know how you do it!

  6. Greetings from upstate New York, United States. Our weather conditions are quite different from yours. I also loved your poached egg flowers. Our chives have already bloomed. Our zucchini (what we call courgettes) haven't yet started to bloom - we can't plant those here until mid May. I love looking at gardens from other parts of the world. Happy GBBD.

  7. Wow you certainly have a lot of fabulous flowers on show right now. I adored the huge drift of Poached Egg Plant and those beautiful Snapdragons and Lupins. Such great colour everywhere!

  8. Oh, so pretty! I have never grown foxgloves in my garden, but I lust after them every time I see a photo! ;) Your lupines are also fabulous! Happy GBBD!

  9. It is fascinating to see plant combinations blooming in your garden that have different bloom times for me. I have never heard of the Poached Egg Plant. It is beautiful and I love the name!

  10. My favorite? Your foxglove. If only I could get mine to be full, tall, and self seeding.

  11. Lucky you to have courgette flowers already. I am waiting for the rain to stop to plant out my now pot-bound plants.
    And also lucky to have self-seeded foxgloves. Your poached egg plant is fantastically floriferous!
    I agree with Sue on the plant definition.

  12. Your poached egg plant just gets better, really must get some. And I like the saxifrage too.