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Saturday, 30 June 2012

End of June Flower Show

I love bees in the garden! I find them difficult to photograph as right when I snap they seem to move on to the next flower. The bees seem to be enjoying most plants including chives (pictured left), lupin, aquilegia / columbine, poached egg plant etc. It's great to seem them buzzing about.

From mid June onwards we've had lots of rain and very windy weather. This seems to have 'bent' my lupin flowers and I've had to put in extra stakes to give plants like lupin, delphinium and the tall aquilegia support.

Here's a little summary of what's been in bloom this month...

Above: Lupin in late June (after a beating by rain and wind).
Below: Lupin in early June.
I've been removing the finished flowers in the hope of a 2nd show of flowers, which will be smaller.
Above and Below: more Lupin; these are younger plants more recently grown from seed and only put into the ground in early Spring this year.
The pink geranium in the background of the photos self seed and easily divide so I've ended up with a huge pink border in the garden (sometimes I think it's a bit too pink!). The pink geranium will soon be getting the 'Chelsea chop' - cut all the way down so they will flower again later Summer.

The delphinium have come into flower towards the end of June. 
Geranium, a great perennial plant, leaves have been nibbled by something.
Above and Below -Orange coloured Poppy 'Golden Tears' self seed in the garden;
I really enjoy them and wish I had more! They last all summer with deadheading.
Saxifraga Urbium (thanks Sue for plant name) - this plants seems to multiply well in dry-ish conditions.
Calendula self seed, however, I think these plants never died down over Winter.
Aquilegia / columbine - I've been deadheading; for some varieties like the one pictured I think it has helped prolong the flowering.
Nemophila 'Pennie Black', (Annual) seems to like where it's located.
Climbing Hydrangea with climbing rose planted behind it.

For June flowers not shown here view my June Blogger's Bloom Day post - click here.

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  1. A nice array of different colours, Kelli. Lots that aren't pink! I think the black Nemophilia is very dramatic. It would like very good next door to something plain white.

  2. A beautiful selection of flowers Kelli - I wish I could grow lupins but my garden is just too full of slugs - it would be nice if the weather was normal to give the flowers a chance

  3. The delphiniums are stunning, such a gorgeous colour. It's a plant that I've never grown myself.

  4. Bees are certainly challenging - I usually have burst switched on when I try to photograph them but it is still difficult.

    My geraniums too will soon need the Chelsea chop and the california poppies need dead heading.

  5. I love that delphinium color. All your flowers are rally lovely. Our geraniums are quite different from the geraniums you have. I don't think I have seen those here. They make a pretty border.

  6. I have to say that I am jealous of your lupine. They are gorgeous. I had one at the old house. One day I heard a popping, soft, but distinct. I had to look a bit to discover what the popping was. It was the seed pods releasing the seeds. Have your heard yours pop? Wait for the pods to dry and turn yellow then see if you hear them popping. Wish we had some of your rain.

  7. Hi Kelli, a beautiful selection of flowers which should last until autumn. I have that pink geranium also and it spreads all over the place but is great ground cover.Slugs are a major problem this year everywhere due to the weather.

  8. An exquisite display Kelli...a beautiful reminder of some of my favourites that I'd almost forgotten.
    It was a wonderful distraction from sitting in the doom and gloom this morning. Yes, even in Australia! Although we're half way through winter already...whoohoo! Bring on spring. ;D

  9. Wow! You have so many pretty flowers in your garden that its hard for me to pick a favorite. I hope one day I acquire enough space to grow some really beautiful flowers alongside my edible plants.

  10. I love your lupins and delphiniums. Wish I could grow them. Like the poppies too, I've got one in my garden. Yes, just one, a self seeder too.

  11. I have seen those Pennie Blacks on they have some unusual flowers on there. Your flowers are so bright and colorful,love em!