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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Blogger's Bloom Day

It's the 15th of the month - Blogger's Bloom Day. Here's a little overview of what's in flower this month.

Left and Below:
Canterbury Bells Mixed, (Hardy Biennial) - grown from seed last year and currently in flower. The bees and hoverflies are really enjoying these plants.
Delphinium are still flowering, some plants are on their 2nd flowers of which are always smaller.
Pink geranium border.
Below: Crocosmia.
Above: This shrub smells delicious like 'bubble gum'. I think it's a Mock Orange / Philadelphus.
Below: My roses all suffer from black spot.
Above and Below: Snapdragon and Silverdust grown from seed last year.

Happy Blogger's Bloom Day!
Blogger's Bloom Day is hosted by and bloggers share their blooms from across the globe.

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  1. You've got some sunshine down there in Co Antrim! Your crocosmia is out much earlier than mine and your pink geranium border with those dephiniums looks great.

  2. What a lovely display, i do feel a touch jealous.

  3. The roses a the plot are covered in blackspot too - they get it every year after looking beautifully healthy to start with.

  4. Stunning...I always enjoy seeing gardens during summer in your part of the world, as it cheers up we who only get heat and sun. But when it rains... That pink geranium border unifying everything else behind it, even the architecture, is such a nice touch.

  5. What a lovely garden :-) I have always wanted a Philadelphus but in my tiny London garden there is nowhere to put such a large plant....the rain has been tough on my roses too, had to spray them against blackspot and it helped.

  6. Just love your flowers! Just looking at them brings a smile to my face! I actually got to plant a rose at our new house called, " Coral drift ": a landscape rose. It is still very small but, I am keeping my fingers crossed!

  7. What a lovely range of colours - and sunshine, you have sunshine!

  8. Wonderful blooms and it's so nice to see them in some sunshine rather than with raindrops falling on them as has happened so often this year.

  9. What beautiful blooms! I love your border with the canterbury bells and the geranium. Everything is so fresh and pretty. Enjoy the sunshine and I hope you get plenty more!

  10. Canterbury Bells are simply the most adorable, cheerful little flowers, don't you think? I'm afraid my roses are also suffering from black spot, which isn't unusual due to our high humidity in SC. The combination of the snapdragons and silver dust is really lovely, as well. Happy GBBD to you!

  11. shortage of colorful blooms...just fab!

  12. So pretty. I love the Mock Orange.
    (I don't grow roses myself but I've heard the milk treatment is a good preventative, the ratio has to be just right and it has to be done before the problem starts.)

  13. Lovely blooms, especially like your Canterbury Bells.
    And you have sunshine too.