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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Mid August Blooms

It's mid August and Blogger's Bloom Day. Here's a little snapshot of some of the plants in bloom. The nasturtium and crocosmia are valuable plants this month as they provide a little splash of drama in the garden and both are really easy to grow.

(Left) Variety: Nasturtium 'Dwarf Alaska Mixed Colours', American Seed, 20 US cents. Sown in April direct into old chimney pot.

Below: Crocosmia bulbs are great no fuss plants.
Above: Sedum thrive in the smallest of cracks.
Below: Geranium growing in front of a dry stone wall.
Above: Phlox.
Below: Astilbe thrives in the damp soil.
Above: The yellow flowers are from Silverdust plants and the pink are Snagdrgon.
Calendula 'Orange King', (Hardy Annual), Carters Tested Seeds.  Seed sown April 2012.
AboveNigella 'Persian Jewels Mixed' (Love in a mist), (Hardy Annual), grown from seed in April. They are  tiny little plants with tiny flowers; no big impact, however close up shots look lovely. 
Above: The eggplant/aubergine are flowering like mad and a few fruits forming.
Below: The tomato plants have lots of flowers and fruits, just waiting for some to ripen to eat!

Happy Blogger's Bloom Day!
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  1. You have lots of lovely blooms right now. Shows persistence of people that anything blooms after this summer's weather. Lovely photos.

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. In Bulgaria we use bulgarian name of Nasturtium, like name of person (like name of flowers arount the world). Bulgarian name is Latin, Latina for female. This translation may come from origin of Nasturtium, but there is many flowers ftom Latin America. Only for this flower is use this name.
    My mother's name is Latina and I like Nasturtium.

  3. Jeg kom lige forbi din blog.
    Hvor har du mange smukke blomster.
    Gode billeder.
    Tak for kigget.
    Ha´ en dejlig dag.

  4. The Crocosmia bulbs look so tropical! You have so many lovely blooms for August!

  5. Wow.... So many flowers..! You must really enjoy your garden walk.

  6. Beautiful blooms! Also you have a good start on tomatoes; they should ripen soon. Happy blogger's bloom day!

  7. Love the crocosmia! And your love in a mist is adorable. But it's easy to get pulled in by a picture, then later on think: These are so tiny! haha Glad you mentioned their size!

  8. You have so many beautiful flowers blooming now, but how I envy the crocosmia... I'm on my third attempt with them and they appear to be suffering from something... perhaps thrip damage. After three attempts I may just have to give up although I'd prefer to succeed as beautifully you obviously have! Larry

  9. I just responded to my Scottish friend about how my garden is really on the downhill side. The crocosmia is done, the daisies are done, the cone flowers are done, the bee balm is done. The mums have been blooming since early summer so they will be done soon too, much too early. Left are zinnias and roses and the wild sunflowers. The tomatoes, though, are fabulous. The best that we have ever grown. We decided chicken do-do tiled in last fall and much more water. Your garden is lovely, benefiting from all of your rain.

  10. Your crocosmia is lovely. I have some in the front garden which I planted about three years ago but it's never flowered, I don't know what's wrong with it, it's just a bunch of leaves. You're doing well with your aubergine, looks like you're going to get some decent fruit off it.

  11. Is the crocosmia Lucifer? one seems a more restrained variety. I have a yellow one that spreads like wildfire - once the clump becomes so thick it stops flowering so this year I've split it and ended up with more bits than I can cope with. Noticed the other day that some I planted in the front garden is now full of buds

    1. Hi Sue, I think the crocosmia is Lucifer. Even with lucifer, the bulbs do clump up after awhile and need dividing. I divided some a year or two ago and they have enjoyed their new space(s) in the garden. However I can see already the bulbs are multiplying quickly. They seem to grow where other plants won't so I make good use of them.

  12. Your blooms are lovely. Nasturtium 'Alaska' is the only one that I can grow here, and it's my favourite Nasturtium. Love the Geranium and that Silverdust!

  13. Beautiful post...I really MUST remember to plant some Nigella next year!

  14. Still plenty going on in your garden looking lovely - mine is slowly beginning to fade away

  15. What a beautiful post Kelli,
    I could do with your plant knowledge to identify some of the photos I've been taking of plants on my daily walk...I sadly only know a few :$

    Blooming lovely!!! :D

  16. My, your garden is just beautiful! I have always longed to have Crocosmia in my garden, and yours Is just stunning.

  17. Love the Nasturtiums and the Astilbe. My Astilbe are growing well this year in the wet weather, but no blooms yet.