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Saturday, 1 September 2012

On Vacation

On vacation, I spotted a rather artsy looking cow out of pasture which turned out to be part of the Cow Parade tour taking place in Northern Ireland; photo taken at Antrim Castle Gardens, Northern Ireland.

The 'Cow Parade' is apparently the largest and most successful public art event in the world. The idea mooted around 1999. The Cow Parade has taken place in 75 cities across the world, and more than 32 million people have seen at least one exhibit. The cows are incredibly interesting to look at. For more on Cow Parades:

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  1. How appropriate that the Cow Parade was first "MOOted" around 1999!

  2. That's a very brightly coloured cow.

  3. Very interesting. Love all the colors.

  4. Hi, Kelli! I'm Nadezda. I love this cow dressed in flowers!
    Nadezda's Northern Garden

  5. My little hometown has done a cow parade in years past, and now moved on to many other creatures every summer. It's so fun to see them decorated so imaginatively!