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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Mid October Blooms

Its been chilly and a good few nights of light frost, however, there's still a good display of colour in the garden and only the hostas seem to be completely finished. Most other plants seem quite keen to keep going.

Here's a little snapshot of what's in flower for Blogger's Bloom Day, hosted by May Dreams Gardens.

Left: Aster with Sedum Autumn Joy.
Above: flower border with sedum, verbena, roses, and forget-me-not still in flower. I was hoping the geranium would show a 2nd flowering but most aren't accommodating this. Kale and leek mixed into the border.
Below: A closer look at the Forget Me Not (annual) grown from seed. The masses of green around the blue flowering plants are Poached Egg Plant which show some signs of flowering.
Above: Sedum Autumn Joy are spread throughout the garden. I divide plants and don't want to waste them so they get spread here, there and everywhere.
Below:  A closer look at the sedum and verbena.
Above: Nerine bulbs were divided this year.
Above and below: 
I always forget the name of this plant - schizostylis coccinea. I dug out half this plant in the Summer and this seemed to have given it a much needed boost as last year it had a poor show of flowers and this year it's looking good with lots of buds. 
Does anyone know another name for this plant (easier to remember)?
Above: Fuchsia Tom Thumb is flowering well and lots of buds.
Above and Below: A bit more Autumn looking - grasses and crocosmia. Crocosmia seem to flower forever. They multiply like crazy too.

Happy Blogger's Bloom Day!
Blogger's Bloom Day is hosted by May Dream Gardens and bloggers share their blooms from across the globe.

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  1. Yes, you do have lots of color. Our flowers are gone. The trees are at their peak with fall color. We had two night of frost that pretty much took everything out. I really like the nerine bulbs, never seen them before. I'll have to add them to my wish list.

  2. Your garden still has lots of flowers, I like the Nerine and the Forget me not, is very special, flowering in this time of year. Your Crocosmias are also going on and on, here they have gone for long and yesterday I've dug them up to put in the greenhouse. Frost and wet soil do not go well together.

  3. Still plenty going on in your garden. It's nice to be able to spread the flowers throughout the garden, ties everything else in somehow.

  4. The Schizostylis is called a Kaffir Lily - which is a bit easier to remember. I really must get some Nerines they are so beautiful.

  5. Kelli, I have noticed that there is very little wasted ("spare") space in your garden. Now I know why.

  6. Wow...beautiful color! I enjoyed visiting! Happy GBBD!

  7. You still have so many beautiful blooms. I especially love the color of the nerine flowers.

  8. Your garden is still just brimming with excitement! What an array of gorgeous colors! The color combo of the Asters and Sedum just bounces of the page at you. I am also in love with that Kale...what a color!

  9. Elaine bet me to it with the Kaffir Lily - we have one growing in our piddle pond (size of a small puddle). You can buy white and pink varieties too.

    Love the nerine.

  10. Wow! I wish my Crocosmia was still flowering...what variety is that?

  11. Your garden looks beautiful! You have quite a lot flowering. :o) I don't think I've ever seen crocosmia as large and healthy as yours! WOW! I've never heard of Poached Egg Plant. That must be an Irish specialty.