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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

November Carrots

I was harvesting carrots this week on a rather chilly morning. 

This year, in Spring, I found I had to re-sow carrot seed a few times as it didn't germinate well.  With the re-sowings, this meant I wasn't sure how long the carrots had been growing. The indication of being ready (or not) was the top growth. I pulled a few carrots in early Sept but wanted them to grow bigger so I've been waiting. I sowed carrots in a wheelbarrow and  in a raised veg box. I've no huge carrots but am happy with what I've harvested. I've more carrots in the ground and hope they'll keep as I don't want to lift and store them.

Carrot varieties I grow this year: 
'James Scarlet Intermediate' and 
'Early Nantes 2'.

Above: One or two carrots had a bit of pest damage. I'm assuming this is from slugs as I blame slugs/snails for most things in the garden!
Above: Carrots washed.
Below: The range of size and shape.
Carrots grown in an old wheelbarrow seemed to do better last year; germination was more difficult this year and the carrots seemed to grow slowly. Photo above taken in September.

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  1. They'll be lovely and tasty. I noticed that my carrots were growing really slowly this year too, so slowly in fact that they weren't up to much at all.

  2. Your carrots still look good. I had a lot of trouble with the slugs this year. They had already eaten the carrots before we could start.

  3. Looks like slug damage. Did the bent carrot take on the shape of the wheelbarrow. We must go harvest some of ours.

  4. A little bit of straw over the tops of the carrots will protect them from all but the severest frost. Must cover ours this week with a cold spell forecast for the weekend.

  5. We didn't get any carrots this year. We had quite a rain that I think washed the seeds away and I didn't bother to replant. I rather missed the carrots, too. Yours do look healthy all cleaned up.

  6. They look fab, carrot fly maggots ate all of mine this year, roll on 2013.

  7. Your carrots look great. I tried some and didn't succeed at all. The seeds never even sprouted! Greenfingers had a good idea to cover with a bit of straw to help protect the others from cold. Good luck with them!

  8. Fab carrots - you have done well. I still have one container to tip out but I don't think they will be very big as they were sown very late. Still, every little helps.

  9. I always enjoy pulling carrots and see what funny shaped of carrot I will get. Pretty carrot harvest you have there.

  10. They look good enough to eat. When I grew carrots once, you needed a magnifying glass to see them. You've inspired me to try again though.