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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Bird Watch and 1st Snowdrop

It was a very windy weekend. I took part in the RSPB Garden Bird Watch 2013 over the weekend from the warmth of the indoors. Pictured left: our resident robin. 

I counted the following birds this year:
1 robin;
1 crow;
2 magpies;
1 coal tit;
3+ great tits.

The snow melted this weekend and I spotted the first of the snowdrops with flowers forming, however, I managed to delete all the photos taken over the weekend from my camera so I'll have to show the snowdrop photos later this week when I take some new photos.The robin photo is one I took last year. Don't you hate it when you delete photos by accident!  

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  1. Oh, what a shame about the photos! At least they will be replaceable, since it wasn't a one-off event that you were photographing. I look forward to seeing the second batch.

  2. It seems really early for the first snowdop of the year! Will look forward to the photo later! Love your resident robin.

  3. We have buds forming on our snowdrops too.

  4. I did the Birdwatch too and so enjoyed it - despite blizzard sleet! Very windy - I think it kept some birds away. No sign here of any snowdrops - look forward to your pics!

  5. How annoying, still, I'm sure you'll have plenty more opportunities to photograph your snowdrops. The robin looks nice and rotund. We had a scraggy one which visited us a couple of years ago, but this year's resident robin must be eating more as he's a fat little fellow.

  6. Snowdrops budding here too. Rather too close to the bird table they get pecked by the birds and then I tread on them (by mistake) while recharging the bird feeders.

    With your background picture and your bird count I'm thinking you are in a VERY exposed spot.

    ps We have no day 1 pictures from the hospital for one of my daughters. It turned out there was no film in the camera - Oops!

    1. Good guess Mal. The site I'm on is quite exposed indeed which makes it very windy.

  7. Snowdrops! How fun! And even more fun is the robin. It is the first sign of spring!