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Saturday, 16 February 2013

Spring Colour

It's about a month until the official first day of Spring. 

It's nice to see more colour starting to appear in the garden. The crocuses are just starting to show colour... I keep waiting for more to appear but they seem to be lazy. Whereas the Heather shrubs and snowdrops are full of flowers and showing off a bit. 

We've more cold, frosty days forecast. And I'm secretly hoping for a little more snow before the end of February. We've really only had one decent snow in Northern Ireland this Winter (which caused a bit of havoc for a few days - but it looked lovely) and I'm ready for some more (snow, not havoc).

Here's what's in flower at the minute... 

Above and Below : Heather shrubs.

Snowdrop drifts and clumps... a great Spring bulb for the garden!

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  1. My Crocus are not out yet. Your "mild" climate must put you ahead of us. I have Irises flowering, but even the Daffs are still only buds.

  2. I don't want any more snow pretty though I agree fresh snow is.

    I'm sure we bloggers spend lots of time laying under plants trying for the best shot.

  3. Hi Kelli, I love your snowdrops....they remind me of a little path of flowers for Fairies. Maybe if the little Fairies are out and about at night, they have a white flower path to show them the way home! Probably some live right at the base of that tree. Soon you will have crocus! Tonight it is to be 30 degrees here in Florida...hope our plants and gardens are not hurt.

  4. Lots of lovely spring colour there, you've definitely got more than I have in my garden. It's been a lovely weekend here, the sun has been shining for a change, I don't want any more snow, thank you.

  5. How lucky you are to have flowers already! I went looking today, and did find buds and shoots, so it won't be long now. I can hardly wait!

  6. I love heather - and it's too hot to grow it here. Yours is beautiful. And your snowdrops are adorable. I love crocus. Mine have been lazy here, too. They haven't started blooming yet - very far behind! Love your yellow ones.