This is the journal of my endeavours to grow a range of fruit, veg and flowers from seed, grow organically, and my attempts to create a personal paradise with 1/2 acre of maintained gardens and 1/2 acre wild meadows. Northern Ireland's average daily high temperatures are 18 °C (64 °F) in July and 6 °C (43 °F) in January. Soil type: Clay

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Irish Moss Stuggles

I often read gardening articles in magazines where people pour buttermilk or yoghurt over paths or pots to create an environment for moss or algae to grow... to add character. Well, here in Ireland, I've masses of character moss in the garden. Occasionally I make an effort to get rid of the moss but there's just so much of it! It's everywhere...  

Left: Moss growing in grass with crocus bulbs.

Moss growing on brickwork.
Moss thriving amongst the over-Wintered flower beds and taking over the sedum plant.
A family (& friends) of moss taking over a veg box.

Moss amongst the emerging lupin.
Some of the moss gets left, however, some must go! Another job for my garden 'Spring clean'.

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  1. I have some mossy bits on the bricks surrounding some of the veg patch. I think it looks rather nice .

  2. I like moss on some paths in the garden, but in the plants I have to remove it and I have lots of moss like you.

  3. I really do like the look of moss--it is so old world, a look that I enjoy. Moss doesn't do well here because it is so dry. It just adds another layer to the garden, very pretty.

  4. This is one of the reasons why I got rid of all my grass - it was well-nigh impossible to keep it from being overgrown with moss (without spending huge amounts of money on horrible chemicals). A little moss is good though. In the right place it can look very attractive.

  5. I especially like the moss on the bricks. I don't have any moss and it is probably too dry and hot for it here. I suppose it could be a nuisance among your plants, but in some places it sure is pretty. In fact, it does look kind of pretty among the Lupines! Which I can't wait to see them bloom, by the way!!

  6. I love moss but too much would get in the way, especially when it eats other plants. I have it growing between some of the stones on my patio.

  7. I can't imagine moss needing any extra encouragement.

  8. I've had a lot of moss on my pot plants over winter/spring, but luckily, my garden escapes it. I do like it on old planters and brickwork though.