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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Community Gardening Project Update - part 2

Our Community Gardening group first came together in April to begin to design flower bed planting schemes for several areas that we will  maintain in future. Pictured left are some of our initial thoughts on a design. We worked with a garden designer, Bruce Batten, who helped us put our ideas on paper to produce a proper design 'to scale'. This was a very enlightening process - especially learning to measure areas and calculate the number of plants needed, etc.
Above and Below: some of our completed planting scheme design plans. The various beds will result in a sun with rays of colour shooting out from the centre - if you can see this from the two designs shown? The tiny dots on the design represent the number of plants needed within the planting area - you can click the photo to enlarge to see it better.
Above: This is one of the areas we'll be planting in July using our 'sun ray' planting scheme.
Above: Plants have arrived but many are different than those ordered, so we have to work as a group to revise our planting design. We are quite late with our planting as normally planting would be done by end of May / begging of June. However, as a new group, our 'process' for doing things has taken longer than expected but we're making progress!
Above: This is our vegetable planting area, which we haven't even begun to work on! 
This photos is an attempt to show you the wider area our group is maintaining - basically any unplanted areas are our flower bed areas. The veg area isn't shown in this photo. It is beautiful surroundings to be working in.

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  1. It sounds like you're learning lots as you go along. A great project to be involved with.

  2. A lovely project to work on. The designs look already great, the rest will come but takes some time.

  3. What's the stuff that looks like carpeting - is it dried out grass?

    It will look fabulous when you have finished.

    1. I think the area that looks like carpeting are walkways of a sandy type ground cover.

  4. Can't wait to see it as it progresses.It is looking really good and must be fun to work in a group and learn from others as well.

  5. The garden is ambitious undertaking. It will be so beautiful. Working together must be rewarding and to see the completed project will be so satisfying. You have a lot of plant material to work with.

  6. Hi Kelli, where do you get the time to maintain your own veg and flower garden as well?!It all looks very ambitious and imaginative and will look fabulous when finished!