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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Time to Make Plant Feed 'Tea'

It's time to make home made fertiliser for the garden - and it's FREE to make. This year I'm combining comfrey and nettle to make a brew of 'tea' that will feed both the flowers and the vegetables in the garden.

Left and below: A comfrey plant that appeared in the garden - a weed as such. I leave it in the flower border as the bees love it and I can make fertiliser from the plant a couple times each year. Aren't the flowers pretty when photographed up close!

Above: I've taken the approach Monty Don demonstrated on the TV show Gardener's World. He stuffs as much comfrey or nettles into a bucket, adds water, and puts it in a shelter position for about a month. Then its a case of diluting it with water to use in the garden.
Above: This is a small container I filled with nettles a month earlier and covered with a lid to 'brew' - it is now quite smelly but perfect to dilute (about 10 parts water; 1 part brew) and used in the garden. Nettles are nitrogen rich and are said to provide a good source of nutrients for plants, especially those growing in containers.
For a video on how to make Nettle Tea for the garden - click here.
For instructions on how to make Comfrey Fertiliser / Tea - click here.

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  1. I have some comfrey in the garden, it is the first time for me. I do have plenty of nettles just over the garden fence. I like the idea of combining the two, I shall have to give it a go.

  2. I made some Comfrey tea too Kelli, it's brewing away in the polytunnel and smells pretty disgusting but it's about ready to use.
    I may have to have a go at combining the two :)

  3. Hi Kelli, I am smiling down here I have just posted on the same topic, making Comfrey tea!
    great minds think alike, i hope you are enjoying the fabulous sunshine at the moment

  4. I'm glad the plants like it as it doesn't look like the kind of tea I'd enjoy. Don't forget the peg for your nose.

  5. I hope you keep a lid on the stuff as the smell is lethal!

  6. I've never heard of doing this but it's really interesting! Does it stink while it brews? what type of effects do you see in your plants are you give it to them?

  7. I don't have these two plants but I wonder if there is something else I could use from my garden. jeannine

  8. You bring me on an idea. Long ago I made nettletea and I remember it was quite stinky. I think I shall give it a try again, it's a cheap and a very good fertilizer.