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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Mid August Blooms

Valuable plants this time of year include astilbe, crocosmia and lots others! It's mid-August and lots of flowering and strong plants. I'm hoping for colour well into October. Below are photos of what's looking good. 

Left: Echinacea (perennial). I managed to get two of these half price, marked down to £3 / $4.66 at a garden centre.
Crocosmia (above) and astilbe (below) are both valuable plants this time of year.
Above L to R: Rose, astilbe, phlox, leek flower. 
Above: Everlasting sweet pea - comes up every year, however, has no smell.
Above L to R: Carrot flower, everlasting sweet pea, fennel, astilbe.
Above L to R: sunflower, daylily, calendula, courgette flowers.
The petunias were potted up at the end of May and have kept going all summer.
The 15th of the month is Blogger's Bloom Day hosted by May Dreams Gardens. If you'd like to see blooms from around the world click here.

Happy Blogger's Bloom Day!

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  1. I've just potted up 10 new phlox so I'm hoping for a good phlox display next year!

  2. I can't believe your petunias are still so pretty! I am used to the hot weather here making them die in early summer. All your blooms are lovely...I love sweet pea because I love to make florals for the home and they are such nice fillers.

  3. Such lovely blooms. I had a perennial sweet pea in my garden but pulled it up as it just strangled everything else. It's still trying to make a come back now, I have to keep pullup up new shoots regularly.

  4. It is lovely to see so much flowering at this time of year after the July lull. Let's hope the weather keeps fine for another month before everything starts to die back - I can't bear to think it is nearly autumn already - I have been enjoying this summer.

  5. Beautiful blooms. Yours look quite fresh. August here starts the decline or, perhaps, the march to fall.

  6. Gorgeous. My crocosmia bloomed only a bit. I don't know why. Does it need to be divided? I had read some place that it is actually in the iris family. I love the brilliant red in the garden.

    1. Hi Ann, I have divided crocosmia plants in the last year or two so maybe this has helped. The multiply very quickly.

  7. You have some lovely blooms in your August garden. The petunias look so fresh! How nice to have them through the summer. The crocosmia in my garden have given up for the summer. Just too hot here! Happy gardening!

  8. Even just dead-heading the flowers must be nearly a full-time job in your colourful garden, Kelli. Your photo of Crocosmia reminds me of Cornwall, where I was last week. The whole county seemed to be a blaze of orange, with Crocosmia flourishing in all the gardens and growing as a prolific weed in all the hedgerows.