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Monday, 14 October 2013

Mid October Blooms

It's mid October (already) and there are less flowers blooming but still some colour in the garden with asters, sunflower and other late flowering plants. It's getting colder and the leaves are falling. It's looking much more like Autumn.

No frost yet but soon the annuals will need cleared and there will be some tidying to do before putting some areas of the garden to rest until Spring. I've still some veggies to look after including winter salads, kale, chard, leek and others so I won't be hibernating completely come the colder weather. 

Here's a little snapshot of some of the colour in the garden, my favourite being the Sedum Autumn Joy and the dogwood shrub.

Left: Aster begin to flower.
Above: Giant Sunflower.
Below: Dogwood / Cornus has great colour this time of year and the stems turn bright red and look great throughout Winter.

Above: Sedum Autumn Joy with summer petunia (still blooming).
Below: Squash flowers.
Above: Schizostylis coccinea
Below: the view through the ivy.
Above: Crocosmia.
Blogger's Bloom Day (15th of each month) is hosted by May Dreams Gardens. If you'd like to see blooms from around the world click here.

Happy Blogger's Bloom Day!

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  1. Still lots of looking good flowers in your garden, I am fond of your Schizostylis coccinea and a lovely view through the ivy. Autumn has really started here this weekend, stormy weather and 100 mm!! rain in one day. As a result leaves and broken branches everywhere and my asters which I still wanted to photograph are soaken flat on the ground.

  2. It's surprising just how much colour there still is. maybe it is always there and we forget. I know our front garden bed had flowers until the really bad weather last year.

  3. Hi Kelli, just found your blog through GBBD.
    That peek at your garden through the ivy is lovely! I must get a dogwood this year. I once saw a planting with a red stemmed variety, snowdrops and black grass. Something I want to repeat.

  4. It looks lovely, I need t plan better for next year for some colour at this time.

  5. Gorgeous colours.. like others I love the photo of your garden through the ivy, simply wonderful.
    Julie :o)

  6. Your blooms are beautiful but your 'wallpaper' of the cliffs takes my breath away. So nice to meet you through Bloom Day. I love that we have sedum in bloom at the same time despite the geographical difference. I didn't picture mine this Bloom Day but blooming it is.

  7. Love your blog. You have a beautiful garden in spite of the changing seasons.

  8. I love the irony of the photo of your CAT lurking in the shadow of the DOGwood!

  9. Beautiful photos of your lovely flowers, Kelli. I, too, love the lurking kitty and love the one, "looking through the ivy". Nice to have so much in bloom this time of the year.

  10. Your garden is lovely. Thank you for coming to visit mine on Bloom Day. I thought my Crocosmia was done and suddenly there's a last bloom, same for Kniphofia.

  11. Lovely photos!
    Greetings, RW & SK

  12. Still plenty going on in your garden Kelli - I note with interest the autumn colour on your Cornus - no sign of turning over here but I suspect it won't be too long. Had a frost warning in the car on my way home from work this morning!
    I like how you've framed your statue through the ivy - very clever!

  13. Each morning I expect to see that Jack Frost has visited in the night, but so far we have escaped his cruel hand. It is still dark this early morning, and I haven't yet looked out, but we were supposed to get our first killing freeze last night. Sad to see the garden go, but a relief too and then excitement as we begin planning for next year. Your giant sunflowers are beautiful. I like the lemony yellow.

  14. Thank you for opening the gates to your very charming garden collection