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Friday, 6 December 2013

Still Feeling Like Autumn

It's less than 3 weeks to Christmas and apart from gales and one or two frosts, it's still feeling rather like Autumn - with leaves still falling from trees, pine cones on display and Autumn colours in the garden. 

I celebrated Thanksgiving last weekend and cooked with home grown potatoes (Maris Peer and Charlotte) dug up in October and stored in cotton sacks in a dark kitchen cabinet. I think I have just enough for Christmas and then they'll be used up. They have stored well this year.
I just love all the Autumn colours - beach trees are great for this!
Above and Below: Birds are feeding on sunflower seeds and berries in the garden. (A few bird feeders with nuts and seeds help out too!)
Above and Below: Variegated holly and red tinted leaves remind me its getting close to the Christmas holidays!

Hope your holiday planning is going well!

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  1. Kellie, your garden is looking rather holiday festive, especially the holly. We are sitting at 1 degree this morning, with -17 as the low some time. Perhaps we will have a white Christmas. I have my potatoes in bucket in a cool closet and they are beginning to sprout. I do find them so much better than the commercial ones.

  2. It's very autumnal in your garden Kelli - the gales saw off the last of the leaves here yesterday but up until then it was not like a normal December.
    Just look at all those berries on the Cotoneaster - bird heaven me thinks!

  3. Most of our leaves have fallen now Kelli and as Angie said the gales helped.

  4. During the gale yesterday I had to go out in the car, and with all the leaves blowing off the trees it was like driving in a blizzard!

  5. Similar here, I am hoping for a good hard frost soon to kill a few things off.

  6. Lovely photos. It's definitely feeling like Winter here today.. the wind has had a real bite to it!

  7. Your photos are lovely, Kelli...all the pretty colors and textures.

  8. Hi Kelli, your photos are simply stunning! Your variegated holly really does invoke a Christmas feeling. Do you cut some and put it inside your home? We are in a deep freeze, quite a rare occurrence here. Low temperature last night was -11 degrees C. I'm thinking I will have many spots to fill next year as this crazy cold will ruin a few plants. Your mild temps have me envious :)

  9. Beautiful cones shot! I have never seen sunflowers variety like yours before. Thanks for sharing.