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Saturday, 10 May 2014

Garden Visit Islandmagee

The good ole Irish countryside... it's great to visit other gardens and earlier in this month I went to an open garden event in nearby Islandmagee. This is a beautiful rural garden that looks like it requires quite a bit of work based on the amount of land, but somehow the owners keep it maintained and they also run flower workshops using their own home grown cut flowers in a lovely onsite restored barn. Just a few photos from the day out...
The sign at the entrance to the cut flower field.
Above: Some of the cut flowers grown in a polytunnel.
A view of part of the farm property, perhaps 1/3 of the land that is maintained.
A little fenced in area where perennials and annuals are mixed with  shrubs. The wood is painted a lovely shade of blue.
These wood cold frames were full of plants and indicate that lots of  plants are grown from seed and probably the owners do a fair bit of propagating as well. 
A few flowers for sale, a sign written on slate.
They had painted a long wall bright pink which really looked well in the middle of a field in the countryside, with fruit trees planted alongside the fence.
I enjoyed my visit to Kilcoan Gardens. Great atmosphere, with lots of creative flair around the gardens. Of course the visit & tour ended with tray bakes and a cup of tea!

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  1. How wonderful that looks like my sort of day out. I love the photos.

  2. Must admit the pink wouldn;t suit me but the garden would. Are those flowers anemones?

  3. That place looks delightfully homely - very different to some of the rather stuffy stately homes round here.

  4. Just my type of place. I would have had to buy a bunch of cut flowers as well as partake in the tea and tray bakes!