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Saturday, 28 June 2014

Community Gardening Update - kitchen garden

A box hedge has also been planted to add some structure.
We've been very busy at Antrim Castle Gardens with Spring projects. In April-May we designed a new area based on a traditional kitchen garden (pictured left) where we  aim to grow culinary and medicinal herbs along with a range of veg such as beetroot, chard, salads etc. We've been able to source some plants none of the group have grown before so it will be a learning curve. We've borage, chervil, dill, sage, chives and lots more. There is even comfrey planted in the beds. Some of these plants of course can be invasive!
Basil purple and green - so easy to grow (for some). I've had limited success growing Basil so I took a photo of the  plants in our group's greenhouse - something I can aspire to.
The veg area is another learning curve for our group. Last Autumn the pigeons and birds devoured many of our plants. This year some of the men have built netting structures and a scarecrow (that looks like one of our members) and we're hoping for better success!
Various varieties of potatoes are being grown this year including: Mayan Gold, Lady Balfour, British Queen and others. 
The greenhouse has proved very popular with tomatoes (above), an heirloom variety called Purple Cherry, and below cucumber are almost at the eating stage.

When working in the gardens one Saturday, we noticed some members of the public carrying plants away with them, taken from our greenhouse (and they never asked if they could have the plants!). So now we put a box asking for donations and set it beside spare plants that visitors can take home with them. Not sure why anyone would just walk off with plants without asking?!?
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  1. Some people have no shame! When I was teaching someone took an aspidistra plant growing in the school foyer. The garden looks great and I would love an update on the ornamental parts.

    ASsfor basil we have found it to be temperamental too

  2. We humans are interesting creatures, for sure! We had a neighbor stealing from our veggie garden one year!
    Enough of that.....your community garden is fantastic! It's a work of art......I love the kitchen garden. What a wonderful harvest is coming. You have to post pics of the harvest......

  3. The kitchen garden looks great and you certainly have an interesting array of herbs. I'm envious of the beautiful cucumbers. The group is doing an excellent job and I know it is enjoyable to work and learn together.

  4. Fabulous community garden!!

  5. Oh my, that's shocking! Beside that the garden is looking fantastic, it looks like a lovely project to be part of.

  6. Cheeky so and so's. The garden is looking fabulous and how I'd love a greenhouse like that.