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Sunday, 1 June 2014

Flowers are Blooming Beautifully

It's the first of June and all go in the garden, with lots of growth, lots in flower and lots of weeds! 

Here's a little summary of what was flowering in May, and plants that are coming into flower in June.

From Top Left: bud and flowers going strongly (think a camellia? / or rhododendrum); Aubretia hardy perennial grown from seed flowers in Spring; Lavender topiary housed in the herb box.
From Top Left: Bergenia flowers attract bees; Arizona Sun Gaillardia looks a bit like a sunflower; tulips are now finished; poppies and calendula grown from seed/self seeding are flowering.
From Top Left: (the first plant I can never remember its name); two of the aquilegias long spurred hybrids grown from seed; purple Centaurea montana.
From Top Left: Ornamental tree cherry blossoms; leaves of Forest Flame / Pieris shrub; rhododendron I think; roses beginning to come into flower.
From Top Left: Nasturtium grown from seed;  shrub with white flowers is Iberis; shrub with pink flowers that smell like bubble gum; lupins (grown from seed) are starting to flower.
From Top Left: Hosta leaves, Solomon's Seal, Honesty seed heads (Honesty self seeds nicely around the garden), orange-yellow coloured flowering prickly shrub -Golden Barberry /Berberis Stenophylla.
From Top Left: Azalea/Rhododendrum; Lithodora diffusa Grace Ward that provides an evergreen carpet of little blue flowers, Blue and hot pink Geraniums that are just coming into flower.
Does anyone else find it difficult to remember plant names? 
I just felt I gave myself a horticultural quiz there trying to remember the names of plants. And, of course, there are some I just can't ever seem to remember.

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  1. The plant in the top photo isn't a camellia - it looks more like a rhododendron to me,

    The yellow and red looks like a potentilla and the white iberis or perennial candytuft.

    Yes I do forget the names of some of our plants which is why we now try to keep a list.

    1. Thanks Sue! You're are so good at plant ID. My memory fails me.

  2. Gorgeous flowers, Kelli. I can not remember all their names, either, unless it is really common. But their names are not as important to me as the color and shape!

  3. Wow! A real "riot" of colour, Kelli. These days I find my own blog invaluable when it comes to remembering what is what. My memory is not as good as it used to be!

  4. You have some beautiful blooms. I try to make a note on my blog of new purchases so that I can refer back when (not if) I forget its name. I love the honesty seed heads, especially once they turn papery. It self seeds around my garden too.