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Friday, 13 June 2014

June is the month for roses

From now until December I'll have roses blooming in the garden. Of course the main flowering season is from June until September but they are great plants that will continue to flower endlessly. I don't know much about growing roses - I generally trim them in December or January, sprinkle bonemeal in the Spring and mulch around the base. Then leave them to it. I try to take off leaves affected with blackspot but sometimes this is difficult to stay on top of.  

Left: Red rose variety unknown.
Above & Below: Rose 'Arthur Bell' has a RHS Award of Garden Merit based on its reliability and being a good performing plant. I like how the buds have a hint of peachy-orange on them but when they open up fully they look pure yellow (below).

Above and Below: Last year I bought 2 new roses, both being yellow flowering (Arthur Bell and Birthday Celebrations), from B&Q, however, the resulting rose is not yellow. It's a beautiful peachy-pink colour that I reallylike but not sure what it's called.

Lots of buds and flowers to come!

Of course there is some blackspot on all the rose plants and this seems almost impossible to prevent (suppose that's the downside to roses) but the flowers are worth it! 

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  1. There are those who don't much care for roses, can you imagine? Ours are waking up and are beautiful this year. I have yet to be plagued with black spot. Yellow leaves seem to be my bane. Not enough water? Not enough iron? So far St. Patrick seems to be only one struggling. Yours will bring you many hours of joy.

  2. What beautiful roses, Kelli. I love roses and especially love that "Sonia" color (peachy); we used to get those in the florist and they were my favorite. My plants always have blackspot really bad because it is hot and humid here, while your foliage looks really nice to me!

  3. Beautiful Roses Kelli! Your pretty pictures make me miss growing them :)

  4. Not only great flowers but perfume too.

  5. I know just what you mean about blackspot - some of our roses end up naked"

  6. They all look lovely, I have an old rose in my front garden which my neighbour prunes for me, he wont let me touch it! Not a lot of fragrance to it but it has a lot of history so it has stayed. You have a lovely selection in your garden.

  7. You have some lovely roses in your garden, Kelli. I really enjoy Arthur Bell especially when it opens up and the colour fades to a paler yellow. I would like to grow one or two more roses so I'm looking around the garden nurseries to see what's on offer when you can see them in bloom.