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Friday, 8 August 2014

Best and Worst Plant Award

Worst Plant - Hosta.
If I was giving a best & worst plant award this year....
There are a minority that have come to be on my 'black list' -plants I wouldn't purchase / plants I want to move out of the garden. One of these is hosta (pictured left). What I don't like about hosta: (a) slugs and snails love to eat them therefore they are almost always nibbled on and unsightly looking, and (b) the flowers are rather bland. One good thing about hosta is that bees feed on them, but there are other plants that bees like better. I plan on digging out hostas this year and giving them away.
Best Plant - roses have been great this year and bloom for such a long season. This is a plant I purchased last year from B&Q. The tag said it was a Rose called 'Birthday Celebration'. However, the picture on the tag is a light yellow so I'm convinced this is some other rose variety. I really like the colour and wish I had more of them. 
What would be your best & worst plant of the year?

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  1. I love the leaves of hostas, so many different shades of green, it's such a shame that the slugs take a fancy to them too. It's annoying when plants are mislabelled by garden centres, I've had this happen a few times too.

  2. I think, roses always be the queen of the flowers, so beautiful and elegant.

  3. Best (flower) plant for me this year: Rudbeckia, going great guns and producing masses of blooms. Worst: Gaillardia "Burgunder", which is nowhere near as good as last year, despite being supposedly perennial.

  4. I'm with you on the hostas! The slugs love them and I always have holes in the leaves!

  5. But Kelli, what else grows so well in the shade? And the texture of the (unblemished) leaf!

    I do agree about the flowers and always break them off to encourage leaf growth.

    Slugs - the keepers of the national collection use a garlic spray. (which I believe Martyn is trialing this year...)

  6. I'm with you on the hostas. Boring! I dug mine up and gave them all away except for one that I actually did like, called June. I am also apathetic about daylilies and peonies, even though these plants send other gardeners into fits of glee. But my all time favorite is the simple purple coneflower. I just can't get enough of them.