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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Wicklow and Wexford Gardens 2

Just a few more photos of Irish gardens from my trip to County Wexford and County Wicklow over the summer. What beautiful countryside! Wicklow has named itself the 'garden of Ireland' and indeed it is a beautiful area with lots to see.

I must try to visit each year as its only a few hours drive from where I live. Here are a few photos of Irish inspired gardens...
Above: Gardenworld Kilquade County Wicklow - the numerous garden design displays are open for public viewing, free entry. Lots of ideas and inspiration. I like the shady planting with the wood painted white to brighten the area.
Above: More mature planting with a metal statue of a boy reading a fairy book beside a large pond.
Above: A Feng Shui garden brings peace and harmony in its design.
Above: Of course every garden needs lots of tea breaks and areas to enjoy a cuppa. This teapot makes an interesting ornamental - not sure it deserves pride of place but then the Irish do love their tea!
A few of the great places visited  in Wexford and Wicklow - more holidays in Ireland are on my list of places to see!

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  1. I love gardens that split the area into smaller more intimate sections

  2. I agree with Sue. The concept of dividing the garden into separate "rooms" usually works well. I'm not very keen on the Teapot ornament though!

  3. Great looking gardens with ideas you could transfer to a much smaller garden. It looks as if they don't have slugs and snails in County Wicklow as those hostas look fantastic. How do they do it?

  4. Touring gardens is a wonderful way to spend time, get inspiration, and blog about. I would love to travel the world, even just the good ole USA visiting gardens. A day in a garden is a day well spent. Lovely photos. I think I like the Fein Shui garden. I am thinking about an Asian influence by the water water garden.

  5. More beautiful garden photos! this garden looks very tranquil. I equate taking tea with tranquility, so to me, the teapot ornament was appropriate and pretty, adding sort of a cozy touch.

  6. What a great trip. So many gardens and so much to see, definitely worth travelling for.