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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

'the munch' of March

I'm occasionally tempted to buy magazines with seed pack offers; however, my latest mag purchase was linked to a free pack of 'incredicrop' that says it can result in 400% more fruit and veg if this slow-release plant food is used. I instantly pictured my apple tree laden with apples... well I do like reading the magazine articles and the seeds I can share with my gardening group. (I'm trying not to purchase as many magazines).

One of the best articles in the magazine was a feature on Mark's Veg Plot - on page 42 - a great article. Well done Mark.
Above and below: I did a good clearing of the debris (leaves etc) in my large pot containing mint. And what did I find... a few green caterpillar creatures. I've seen a few around the garden. I suspect they over winter. They munch through quite the plants, and seem to keeping coming. I will have to do regular checks and try to get rid of them. Last year I sprayed garlic water on plants and that seemed to help. 
This one has nicely fattened up... on my plants.

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  1. Thanks for the mention Kelli! I have been using a fair bit of garlic-water spray recently, on my chilli seedlings, which have been besieged with hordes of aphids.

  2. We stopped buying gardening magazines a while ago. They were so repetitive which I suppose is to be expected sp we bought them and just flicked through them. That little word 'can' is useful to advertisers isn't it?

    1. I agree, they do seem to be repetitive, but I still find it difficult to completely stop the habit. Although I've reduced my purchases slightly.

  3. Caterpillars already? Eeek. I stopped buying gardening magazines, they're so expensive these days, but I haven't quite mastered my craft magazine addiction yet.

  4. I gave up magazines when I started to blog, letting blogging take their place: free, few ads, wonderful articles, stories, and writers. I have made friends around the world.Earth friendly. No clutter. Happy Easter in Ireland.