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Monday, 4 October 2010

Autumn Lupins & 'Grow Your Own' freebies

I took out a 'Grow Your Own' magazine subscription and received my free joining pack (pictured). I received a free book, "The Low Maintenance Vegetable Garden" by Clare Matthews for beginners, which I absolutely love. I'm still a beginner after ten years! I'm happy with my 'lucky dip' - 10 free packs of seeds, most say they're easy to grow (exactly what I like!). This starts my grow list for 2011!

I've had a nice autumn surprise... several of my lupins decided to flower again. I cut them down after they flowered in June/July and some (not all) decided to flower again in Sept/Oct.

Variety: Lupin Russell Mix. (pictured below)
Above, this re-flowering lupin is a bit week in colour but this time of year a little colour is better than none.
I collected seed from the darker purple/blue variety pictured at the back - love the darker colour! This picture was taken in June and, of course, a better show than the re-flower picture.

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