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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Petunias and Cows - have nothing in common

Its getting colder; the annuals want to keep flowering but it won't be long until they'll be on their way out (if they aren't already)...

I've helped out the pentunias by bringing them inside, maybe they'll give me a few more weeks of flowers after our first frost? Maybe they'll flower over the winter!?!

Flowers aside, the question of the day is....

Why does this cow always stick his tongue out at me?


Isn't cow tongue edible?


  1. I love this cow! Maybe it just wants a tasty morsel to eat--maybe your edible flowers?

  2. I have a horse that does the same thing; he wants cookie.

  3. Is the cow wearing yellow ear rings? He is adorable.

  4. Hi One, your question about the cow's accessories really made me smile! He's tagged in case the farmer loses him. Thanks for your comment.