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Friday, 29 October 2010

Pumpkins n Halloween thoughts

Happy Halloween! 

 What would Halloween be without a pumpkin?
What would Autumn be without frost?
Where would we be without... leaves?  (besides Winter)
....or a little creativity? (ever see a pumpkin used for flowers?)
Enjoy your Halloween weekend & happy gardening...


  1. Every year we get Trick-or-Treaters coming to the door. What should we give them? I feel guilty about dishing out loads of chocolate bars, but will kids be offended if we give them healthy things like dried fruit? Or apples maybe?

  2. I love your pumpkin
    all carved up and the bouquet in the pumpkin is great...It made me think of when I had the florist shop, I made arrangements of mums in apples! do you remember that?

  3. Happy Halloween. The flower arrangement is nice. ann

  4. Just did a wedding at the florist. We used smaller pumpkins with assorted fall flowers for the guest table nestled on dried oak leaves. It was beautiful for this time of year. Enjoying your blog!

  5. Gretta,
    I remember the pompoms in the apples..actually we could be quite creative!