This is the journal of my endeavours to grow a range of fruit, veg and flowers from seed, grow organically, and my attempts to create a personal paradise with 1/2 acre of maintained gardens and 1/2 acre wild meadows. Northern Ireland's average daily high temperatures are 18 °C (64 °F) in July and 6 °C (43 °F) in January. Soil type: Clay

Monday, 25 October 2010

Flowers Hit by Autumn Frosts

Frosted field and rooftop begin to defrost.
Frost again... this makes three in the past week; a mini frost on 20 Oct and two bigger frosts yesterday and this morning. Is this the end of my flowering annuals & perennials?? Time will tell....

Good news! The seed company came back to me and said I could keep the 10 extra seed packs with their compliments! (ref: 22 & 4 Oct blog)

Frosted cornflower looks sugar coated!
If only the green fly had frozen to death (but no)!

The spider webbed heather looks ready for Halloween.
Geraniums on their 2nd flower.
This light shaded aster flowers actually look better frosted!
The Calendula 'Orange King' may have given up their crown.
Sweetpea - I'm glad it's going (all green and no flowers).
The heat rising off the leaves which were left over night.


  1. Fantastic photos Kelli! You must have got cold taking them... I particularly like the one with the steam rising off the leaves.

  2. I love these photos, Kelli, although I know you will miss the blooming things. Liked your comments, too, quite humorous,"the calendula Orange Kings losing their crowns!

  3. Great garden and photos! The frost looks beautiful. However I have frost tender plants that need protection since snow season for us is almost near. Have a great week!