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Friday, 22 October 2010

Sunflower Focus and Free Seeds Dilemma

Seed pack used over the summer.
Would you keep them???? I came home to a nice surprise... a little package through the door with 10 packs of seeds inside and nothing else. I thought, 'That's odd, but nice!' Recently I took out a magazine subscription to 'Grow Your Own' and with the subscription I received a (promotional) gift pack; this gift is pictured on my 4 Oct blog. Part of the free gift was to receive 10 packs of seeds, which I did. So.... now I've recieved 10 more seed packs, bringing me up to 20 in total! So the big question is.... should I keep them or return them?

Sunflowers are always so cheerful! Above is a little bouquet I threw together from the garden.
I've started collecting seed from my drying sunflowers. The birds love them too!


  1. Kelli; The law says you should contact the supplier and offer to send back the duplicates -- if they send you the money for postage - but if they don't send it to you, you are not obliged to return the unsolicited duplicates. After a period of time (I think it's 90 days) you can keep them. Some firms are just rubbish at admin aren't they???

  2. I forgot to ask -- are the second lot the same as the first ones?

  3. I like your sunflower bouquet very much. It is cheery---reminds me of Van Gogh's painting, too! How long do the sunflowers last in a bouquet?

  4. Thanks for your comments.... The sunflowers in the vase lasted about a week, I was hoping they'd last longer.

    The 20 packs of seeds I received are all different, suppose the company takes a random selection? Good advice though as I will contact them and let them know I recieved too many. Its been playing on my mind a bit!

  5. I saw keep them and plant the 10 you received extra in an unexpected place that lots of people can enjoy. Guerilla gardening its called! Like maybe in a barren median :-)

    Thanks for dropping my blog!

  6. I would say offer to send them back - but I'm sure they won't want the hassle of that, so then you'll be able to do what Suzy suggests.