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Friday, 12 November 2010

Autumn thru the trees

Don't you just love Autumn! The beautiful colour, the leaves of all shapes and sizes (raking them); the chill in the air; the cold nights; the brisk wind. Speaking of wind, this week in Northern Ireland we had gale force / 70 mile per hour wind and my electricity was off for 20 hours... burrrrrrr!

Pictured above: an Autumn painting I adore by my favourite artist Egretta Wells. She's having a painting giveaway on 1 Dec in which one of her followers will receive a small original painting. Check out her blog:
Above: This was taken in Belfast's largest public park 'Botanic Gardens'. I'm lucky to work near this park and take the occasional dander.
Above & Below - Native Cherry tree along my driveway. At one stage I had about ten of these planted until I was advised they'd get too big so I took out most of the trees one Autumn and gave them away. I really love their colour and the white flowers in Spring.
Not sure what this tree is?
Conifer/pine tree at the end of the garden turning yellow and producing lots of cones this time of year.


  1. Love the picture of the cat in the tree (which one is it?) -- you must post more pictures of those two so that we can recognise them! Also you must submit your post to that Sticky Fingers blog.
    Have you seen the photo competition on Metro_Online to win a camera? You have to submit a photo that epitomise Autumn in your city -- you could win with a Belfast entry!

  2. I love your firs photo (not the artwork, although wonderful) the sticks one. Everyone photographs leaves in Autumn but this is a special view.

  3. The silver birch in my garden has just about lost all it's leaves now after the high winds we've had this week. I love all the different leaf colours in autumn.

  4. Hi Mark, that's Jammie in the pic. Jammie & Dodger do love to potter about in the garden with me so I'll have to get more snaps of them. I was thinking of looking at some of the competitions, suppose if you're not in.... Did you put your worm pic in a competition, its my favourite.

  5. Hi Kelli, thanks for posting my painting! Your autumn leaf photos are really nice; I, too, especially like the one with the cat in the tree!

  6. Love the painting. It's just the sort of thing I like.

    Your leaf shots are pretty artistic too.

  7. Kelli; We all have our own different styles, don't we? You like my worms, I like your cats -- let's call it Quits!

  8. I've seen Ireland in the summer; perhaps fall the next time. Your photos and the artwork capture the beauty. ann