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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Crocus and Snowdrops

The crocus and snowdrops are really showing off at the minute - beautiful and eye catching! Here are some photos captured from around the garden...
 The flowers are really pretty when they open.
Above: Looks like I need to spread out these bulbs a bit - although I do like clumps of colour. Snowdrops and crocus mix well together.
 A few white crocus have popped up.
 This one has a different colour than the others.
Below: Back in Dec you may remember I bought bags of crocus bulbs marked down to 25p (41cents).
Below is one of the areas planted - I'm not sure why I've all purple here. They did well in their first year. Each year they'll multiply.
Below, my favourite - snowdrops at flower.


  1. Your bargain bulbs have done well, always worth a shot when they're marked down in price. I love the bright colours of crocus but also love how fragile snowdrops look.

  2. Hi Kelli,
    On a beautiful Sunday afternoon I see the most beautiful spring flowers. Beautiful combination you have made of snowdrops and crocuses.
    I have them myself in the garden, but not as much as you. And the cat in the picture also enjoy the beautiful spring flowers.
    A nice sunday, love Elly.

  3. Hi Kelli, those photos need no explanation other than the name of your blog! I have a few scattered all around but yours are blocks of colour which are terrific.

  4. Kelli, you know by now which of your photos I like best - the one with the raindrops, of course!

  5. Lovely early spring flowers. I dug up mine when I added the new roses and never go them back in the ground, so not early color here. I'll enjoy yours, Kelli. Beautiful photos. cheers. ann

  6. What gorgeous blooms! I love the purple/yellow color combination. My favorite photo is of the snowdrops and crocuses next to the moss laden rock. What a great planting arrangement!

  7. What a perfect post! I love the crocus with raindrops.Love that deep blue color, too.

  8. What a beautiful and vibrant signal that spring is around the corner!