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Friday, 25 February 2011

Irish Heather

I've mixed views about Irish heather. It's a low maintenance shrub that only really needs a wee trim after it flowers. I've bought a few tiny plants (2"x 5"L) in years gone by & in no time they spread to 2 ft wide x 1.5-2 ft tall.
Heather is native to western and northern Europe. It seems to thrive in cold weather and rocky soil - perfect for Ireland and the Scottish Highlands.
Pink & white photos above taken Feb 2010.
Rose with a backdrop of autumn flowering heather. Photo taken Sept 2010.
Below: photo, Feb 2010.
 I'm afraid my heathers are randomly stuck in the garden. Two of the pink heathers are pictured below.
 There are lovely displays of Irish heather on the following website: 
Hope this post didn't put you to sleep!


  1. hi Kelli;
    Beautiful heather erika which we also a common plant, have fields are filled in the wild.
    I do not have them in the garden but if we walk in the autumn, it is often on the moor!!
    dear greetings from Elly.

  2. Ha, so you have changed the text colour at the top of your blog to match the heather then?? And by the way, it is supposed to be Grouse that nests in heather, not cats... :)

  3. Hi Kelli, heather gets a bit wild if it is not kept in check. The first pic in the previous post looks as if it might be Mt Rushmore!

  4. I rather like the heather..the colors are nice. Kitty looks perfectly content.

  5. I think your heather is beautiful. I especially like the purple blooms. I planted some in my garden on a slope and it is starting to bloom right now. It is nice to see when much of the garden is still dormant.

  6. If it is about gardening, I'll not sleep; if it is about Ireland I'll weep because I'd just love to return--someday, so keep posting boring or not, I'll read your posts and enjoy.

  7. I like heather though I don't have any in my garden. I love to see it in bloom when driving on the North Yorkshire Moors, a carpet of pink.

  8. I love the look of heather, but they don't do well here. (I've tried, of course.) I think of field of heather would be stunning.

  9. I love big open fields of heather surviving where not much else will bit spreading bright cheer anyway!