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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

TRee totaler...

Barking mad? or are there faces in these trees? I often go for walks and this time of year when the trees are quite bare, I notice the shapes & sizes more than usual. So, what do you see in these trees?

Left: This 'face' is very distinct, it featured half way up quite a tall tree - I did wonder if it was a piece of art commissioned, or maybe its just coincidence? Photographed at Belfast Botanic Gardens.

Cat in the Hat?
 Frankenstein's eye?
Mrs Potato Head?
A couple embracing?
Elephant's foot?


  1. Its great to look at those trees. I see an old men end a lot of eyes...If you look around you see a lot of things, it is wonderfull.

    Have a nice day, Eefie

  2. I can see some of them but not all. I love watching for pictures in clouds too.

  3. Yes, I see them - after looking at your descriptions. Kind of like seeing things in the clouds. You can bet I'll be looking at trees a little closer now.

  4. Hi Kelli, I can see every one of them! You remind me of your grandfather, who would bring in a potato that looked like an animal, or a piece of wood with a "face". I think you have the artist's eye!

  5. Kelli, you obviously have a good eye for such things. You should be a psychologist (or do I mean psychoanalyst??)

  6. Definitely faces! Lovely old tree folk :)

  7. ok now I am going to start looking at trees to see if I can see faces I just what dh will say are you barking but I will still look out for them the tree folk :)